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All Westfield Pupils have access to a Microsoft 365 account to access Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Sway, Stream, OneDrive and other online tools.

Remember to check you have typed in @westfieldjnr.education correctly with no spaces, capital letters or missing letters to get in to your Microsoft account. Any files that you save or move into your "Shared With My Teacher" folder can be easily accessed by all the adults in school without you having to share your work individually.

NOTICE TO PARENTS: By clicking on either of the below buttons you are leaving the school website and entering Microsoft's office.com portal. Please ensure appropriate internet filtering is in place when searching for photos or videos within office apps.

Logging in from a personal device

log in green

If you are using a personal device that is not shared with anyone use the the log in button above  to go straight into your account.

Logging in from a shared computer

log in green

If you are using a shared computer, please use this log in button and enter your login in the email address box. If there is no box click on "Switch to a different account" to enter your login.