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Do you know your Fortnite from your TikTok?
Is your child's location visable to other users when they use their phone or device?
If your child used a secret app to "hide" photos, could you find them?
Do you know who is talking to your child in the game they are playing?
What on earth does the school teach my child to try to keep them save online? What can I do as a parent?

We always aim to be helpful, realistic and informative to equip you to nurture resilience and responsibility in your children's online lives. You'll also find out what we teach and the support we can offer.  

Our Online Safety Lead, Mr Wilkinson, led a parent safety meeting in the summer term of 2021 explaining what we cover in the Westfield E-safety curriculum and provided some great advice on how to help guide your child through the digital world they are growing up in. The above video is a quick advert about this meeting. When you've got a free evening and the kids are in bed, grab a cuppa and watch a recording of the whole meeting below. It is long, but it is worth it - possibly some of the best time you can spend to understand a bit more about how to keep your child safe online. 

WATCH A FULL RECORDING OF THE ENTIRE PARENT MEETING HERE using the password staysafe34! to access the video.