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Year 6 pupils who did not go to Isle of Wight spent some of their time making Stop Frame Animation. Here you can see what we came up with.

Using MonkeyJam


Let's have a look at what we have achieved earlier in the week trying to get the technology to work.
(We were not planning on using MonkeyJam as it is a very old piece of software, but the website we were intending to use didn't work)

Our Stop Frame Animation Practice.mp4

The we planned our Fairy Tale scenes and made our characters with Mrs Steer. 
We used monkeyjam to record our frames (and Mr Wilkinson made a help video so we didn't go wrong when he wasn't here!)

How to MonkeyJam.mp4

Can you guess which fairy tale each of our scenes are from?
(some of our videos still need a bit of editing or joining together, but you should still be able to identify each scene)

02 essa.mp402 essa.mp403 Inayah Uswa.mp404 J and Z.mp405 Jared.mp406 Mishka Tasin.mp407 Miss Jackson.mp408 Pay Ayman 25th May.mp409 Pat Ayman Part 2.mp410 Skyee-Mariee Tamia.mp411 YousafShazeb3Part1.mp412 YousafShazeb3part2.mp413 unnamed.mp4