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Write a new blog post

All pupils at Westfield have access to a learning platform account where they learn digital skills. They can use this to write a blog post to share with their class and comment on the posts of classmates. Occasionally, we may have news that is appropriate to share with the whole world by publishing it on our website, such as a great sporting achievement, special event or some amazing learning. We need to remember what we've learnt about keeping safe online and consent  when publishing anything that can be seen by others, whether it is just our class or especially the whole world!

If you are a pupil at Westfield, this 60 second video shows you how to write a blog that your class can see, and also how to publish it to the school website (where a teacher will check your post first). If you have any problems, check with your class teacher or Mr Wilkinson.

How to Blog!.mp4