Final Staff miles completed by 1st November: 340 miles

So having beaten all the children to the beach we were looking forward to a lovely relaxing week on the beach -  and then 5DE turn up and challenge us to a marathon along the beach, so we've run an extra 26.2 miles up and down the beach and they've kept us with us, even up to the sand dunes of Hayle Towans and back. It must be time for another Coffee!

314 miles st ives beach

Staff miles completed as of 21st October: 314 miles

Current location: It took a lot of persuading to get Mr Webb off the big slide, but everyone eventually left the leisure park and after some dodgy weather have now made it all the way to the beach in St Ives! Everyone is enjoying ice-creams on the beach, whilst Mrs Roberts is checking the Costa app  on her phone to see if they're in a delivery area. Mrs Folly and Mrs Willard have emerged from somewhere carrying a big supply of fudge from Roly's Fudge shop.  Defintely a  well earned rest before a light jog back home...

314 miles st ives beach

Staff miles completed as of 16th October: 252 miles

Current location: Trethorne Leisure Park. Well, there's not much hope of getting the staff go much further for a while. Mrs Roberts has found the cafe serving fresh coffee, Mrs Timmis and Mrs Jones have found the guinea pigs in the petting farm, Mr Webb just keeps going down the big slide in the soft play, Miss Dew is giving riding lessons in the stables, there's no getting Mrs Rendall off the dodgems, Mr Fenton has found his best pirate costume for the Jolly Roger pirate ship, Mrs Edgley and Mrs Damuni are eyeing up the meals in the restaurant, where Mrs Heeley-Nall is now providing live music for diners. Who knows when we'll leave!

217 Trethorne Leisure Park

Staff miles completed as of 9th October: 143.5

Current location: Frome town centre. With clearly nothing else to do this week, we've spent loads of it running. There must have been something special in that coffee from Costa at the beginning of the week, because we've powered through Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire -  and Somerset is lovely. Can't help noticing we seem to have made it to another Costa. Mrs Roberts has already got her Costa Coffee loyalty card out, but Mr Austin is much more interested in an alternative establishment just across the road providing a different drinks choice. Meanwhile, seeing the bus stop has given Miss Bray an idea to speed up the next bit.

143.5 miles Frome Town Centre

Staff miles completed as of 5th October: 16.5 Number of classes in front of us: 2 Number of classes behind us: 9 Number of classes right in front of us but they can't see over the hedge: 1

Current location: Having left the Ouse Valley Way and wandered our way out of St Neots, we're having a sneaky coffee break at Costa Coffee on the outskirts of Eaton Socon and we are getting ready to head into Bedfordshire. 4MC appear to all be outside but they haven't noticed us yet.

16 miles Costa Coffee outskirts of Eaton Socon(1)