3NS total miles completed by 1st November: 90 Position: 8th

We really enjoyed the play park and didn't want to leave! We have made it a bit further over half term, and it looks like we've made it to a shop now we're in the village of Stanford in the Vale. It looks like there's a post office too, so whilst we're enjoying our ice creams, perhaps we could send a postcard home. 

90 miles Stanford in the Vale Post Office(3)

3NS miles completed as of 21st October: 66 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: Well that hot chocolate made a difference! We've passed a couple of classes - and I don't think they noticed, they were too busy looking at wildlife! We've now managed a total of 66 miles and after such a lot of catching up, we need a rest. Luckily, we've made it to the village of Wendlebury and there is a great play area to have a rest in. Whilst we've been busy on the play equipment, 4SD and 6KH have just appeared and come to join us! It's getting a bit crowded. Maybe we'd better head off again soon to see if we can catch up with another class.

66 Wendlebury Village play area(5)

3NS miles completed as of 16th October: 43 Position: 10th *Big improver of the week*

Current location: We've really got a move on in the last few days! We flew past 4LB whilst they were all reading books at the University Library in Bedford, and we've made it all the way to Stony Stratford, having just passed 5MW (they looked like they'd eaten too many cookies).  We've heard from 4SD and 6KH that the Costa shop does a really nice hot chocolate so we've all popped in for one to warm up.

43 Stoney Stratford Shops(2)

3NS miles completed as of 13th October: 21.5 Position: 12th

Current location: We're plodding along slowly, taking in the sights and sounds of St Neots and we'd heard the Costa Coffee is worth stopping at in Eaton Socon. We've taken a light saunter over to Great Barford Village, enjoying all the benches to rest at on the way. We probably need to speed up a bit if we want to get past Bedford by the end of the month.

20 miles Great Barford Village(2)

3NS miles completed as of 9th October: 15.5 Position: 11th

Current location: Riverside Park, St Neots. We've fed the geese and all had a drink from  the cafe so better get going again...

15 miles Riverside Park St Neots

3NS miles completed as of 5th October: 2 Position: 11th

Current location: We,ve just left Houghton Mill, heading towards Godmanchester.

2 miles houghton mill(2)