4LB total miles completed by 1st November: 100 Position: Joint 6th

We've just made it to 100 miles before getting to the end of October. We've enjoyed the sights along the way and have finished up at the big police station on the outskirts of Swindon. I wonder if we can get a lift home in a police car? It might be a bit of a squeeze, though, as 3FW have finished here too!

100 miles Swindon Police Station(3)

4LB miles completed as of 21st October: 72 Position: Joint 7th **Most improved class of the week**

Current location: We've really got a wriggle on this week and shot past quite a few classes, who looked like they all needed a rest. We've more than doubled our total distance, shot out of Befordshire and into Buckinghamshire and we're just passing through the lovely village of Kidington in Oxfordshire. 4SD, 6KH and 3NS all seem to have stopped in a play park, but we kept on going. We might need to pop in to the pub for quick orange juice before carrying on, but let's keep this speed up and see who else we can zoom past...

72 miles Miller and Carter pub Kidlington

4LB miles completed as of 16th October: 25 Position: 12th

Current location: We're still at the University library in Bedford. We decided to pop in and look at a few books. We've found the education section and have come across lots of teaching resources for schools. We probably really ought to put the books away and get running again soon...

25 miles university of Bedford(1)

4LB miles completed as of 13th October: 25 Position: 11th

Current location: We braved the downpour on Saturday and have made it a little further, a bit disappointed to have not caught up with 6KH but we have made it to the university library at Bedford, where we can always pop in to read a few books during the next shower.

25 miles university of Bedford(1)

4LB miles completed as of 9th October: 17.5 Position: 10th and 6KH aren't too far ahead of us.

Current location: Whilst passing the Wyboston Woodlands Events Centre, Jamar is using the opportunity to hold a class meeting to encourage everyone to do a bit more running, as he's doing most of it at the moment.

17.5 miles Wyboston Woodlands Event Centre

4LB miles completed as of 5th October: 9 Position: 8th and we can see 3JT in the distance in front of us.

Current location: We passed Bucken Marina a few minutes ago and we're now heading towards Paxton Pits Nature reserve on the Ouse Valley Way.

8 miles just passed Buckden Marina(1)