5MW total number of miles by 1st November: 61 Final Position: 12th

We've kept plodding on in search for cookies, we're now on the outskirts of Bicester in Caversfield. We managed a few miles over half term, but now we've made it here we've discovered a decent play park just round the corner that we're going to stay at until someone comes to pick us up! It's been a long month. We never did catch up with another class - hopefully if they've made it to the beach they can build a sandcastle for us.

61 miles Caversfield, on the edge of Bicester.(1)

5MW miles completed as of 21st October: 50 Position: 12th

Current location: We're still plodding along merrily at our pace. We seem to have kept going quite slowly since we waddled out of Newport Pagnell. We've been doing quite a bit of road walking and we're waiting for somewhere big to turn up, hopefully with another shop to get some more cookies. We are just passing to turn to the hamlet of Foscote. Not too far now to Buckingham.  They're bound to have cookies somewhere...

50 miles Foscote turn(2)

5MW miles completed as of 16th October: 41 Position: 11th

Current location: There was a deal on cookies in the Co-op, which was bad news as we bought a few too many and have been taking it at rather leisurely pace enjoying our double choc-chip feast. We're slowly heading out of Newport Pagnell.

41 heading out of newport pagnall

5MW miles completed as of 13th October: 39 Position: 10th

Current location: We've taken it easy over the weekend, after a few of us realised we'd probably eaten a few too many blackberries from thoses bushes we kept running along side, so we needed to keep stopping a few times. We've finally made it to somewhere with houses, and people, and we're enjoying a lesiurely stroll round the Newport Pagnell Co-op, before civilisation disappears again on our next leg of the run.

39 miles Newport Pagnell Co-op(1)

5MW miles completed as of 9th October: 34 Position: 5th

Current location: Somewhere inbetween the villages of Astwood and Cricheley. We are beginning to get a bit fed up of road running. The Ouse Valley Way had more ducks. 6KH must have fallen a long way behind us now as we haven't seem the for a while, but we can see 5AJ up in ahead in the distance. We would have probably already caught up with them if we didn't keep stopping to pick blackberries. 

34 miles between Astwood and Chicheley(1)

5MW miles completed as of 5th October: 12 Position: Joint 5th running along side 6KH

Current location: We have passed the sewage treatment works at Offord and we're just coming into sight of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve on the Ouse Valley Way.

13 miles Paxton Pits(1)