3FW miles completed by 1st November: 100 miles Final Position: Joint 6th

We've just made it to 100 miles before getting to the end of October. We've enjoyed the sights along the way and have finished up at the big police station on the outskirts of Swindon. I wonder if we can get a lift home in a police car? It might be a bit of a squeeze, though, as 4LB have finished here too!

100 miles Swindon Police Station(2)

3FW miles completed as of 21st October: 85 miles Position: 6th

Current Location:Lots of very pretty villages to wander through. We've now made it to Wolvercote Lakes and might try to see if we can see any fish in the lake just before we feed the ducks. It's certainly been a very picturesque walk, but we might need to pick up the pace a bit to catch up with the classes in front...

85 miles Wolvercote Lakes

3FW miles completed as of 16th October: 66 miles Position: Joint 4th

Current Location: After all that road walking we need a bit of a rest and a playtime. We've made it to the Wendlebury Village Hall and play area and it would be tempting to stay here for quite a while, but now 3JT have turned up. The queue for the slide is getting a bit much... 

66 Wendlebury Village play area

3FW miles completed as of 13th October: 51 miles Position: 7th

We've had an excellent boost over the weekend, the great weather on Sunday really helped. We're in the middle of quite a lot of road running, but have made it to the turn into the tiny hamlet of Foscote, somewhere on the  A422. We've seen a few squirrels and a hedgehog.

50 miles Foscote turn(1)

3FW miles completed as of 9th October: 21 miles Position: 8th

Just leaving Great Barford village. There's a power station not too far away - some more power is what we need!

20 miles Great Barford Village

3FW miles completed as of 5th October: 13 miles Position: 4th but lots of classes coming fast up behind us!!

Current location: Walking round the edge of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve on the Ouse Valley Way

13 miles Paxton Pits