5AJ Total miles completed by 1st November:143.5 Final Position: Joint 4th

Final location: We've carried on making reasonable progress this week, smashing through the 100 mile mark and finishing up at the village of Beckington at the Mes Amis cafe. If their asparagus soup is as good as the farm shop the other week we might hang around for a while before heading home! The wind's getting a bit cold round here.

137.5 miles Mes Amis Cafe Beckington(1)

5AJ miles completed as of 21st October: 90 Position: 5th

Current location: We've had a much better week - all that asparagus soup must have helped! We've zoomed through loads of lovely picturesque Oxfordshire villages and now made it to  Stanford in the Vale, just 10 miles to go to reach 100 miles. Looks like an ideal stop for an ice-cream whilst here here, but let's not stay too long this time. They've also got a village hall around here, too. We might need to check it out for any yoga classes...

90 miles Stanford in the Vale Post Office(2)

5AJ miles completed as of 16th October: 58 Position: 7th

Current location: We really are enjoying the asparagus soup. So much, in fact, that we are still here all enjoying second helpings. Whilst having a nice rest at the farm shop, we've been steadily counting the number of classes that have overtaken us. We probably need to finish our soup soon and catch up. 

58 miles Newton Purcell village

5AJ miles completed as of 13th October: 58 Position: 3rd

Current location: We powered through the weekend to make up for our lazy few days before. After a slow start, some of those Yoga stretches have really paid off now. We've moved up a place, so there is time to pop to the farm shop at Newton Purcell for some Asparagus Soup to warm up a bit. 

58 miles Newton Purcell village

5AJ miles completed as of 9th October: 34 Position: 4th

Current location: Got a bit carried away with the Yoga at the last stop and got a bit too relaxed, haven't moved too far and watched a couple of classes dash past us! Currently between Astwood and Cricheley villages.

34 miles between Astwood and Chicheley

5AJ miles completed as of 5th October: 30.5 Position: 2nd

Current location: Stagsden Village Hall, Bedfordshire. We could join in with the self-defence classes on a Tuesday or the Yoga on a Wednesday!

30.5 miles Stagsden Village Hall