5DE total miles completed by 1st November : 340 Position: 1st

Current location: We powered through the last 100 miles after all the fun at the play centre. We made it all the way to St Ives where we found all the teachers enjoying an ice cream or two. We thought we'd challenge them all to a race and we have all just completed a marathon (26.2 miles) along the beach in St Ives and up to the sand dunes of Hayle Towans and back. It's been a bit bracing in the wind, but the chill has kept us moving fast. We've managed a grand total of 340 miles and deserve a well earned rest! We're the only class to have made it all the way to St Ives in October. Well done us.

314 miles st ives beach(1)

5DE miles completed as of 21st October: 252 Position: 1st **biggest ever class progress in one week**

Current location: We've certainly been helped the the once-only cycling weekend, which help to speed us on our way a bit. It seems a bit slower now we're back on foot, but we have made it all the way to Trethorne Lesiure Park!  There's a massive soft way, dodgems, pony trekking, a petting farm, a big cafe and quite a lot more. We might be here for some time! It looks  like all the teachers were here a while ago. We've just found Mr Webb's hat on the big slide in the soft play, and everyone in the Equestian Centre keeps asking when Miss Dew will be back. Maybe we need to try to catch up with wherever all the staff have got too...

217 Trethorne Leisure Park(1)

5DE miles completed as of 16th October: 117 Position: 1st

Current location: Those drinks and ice-creams from the Co-op were a winner, we've kept our lead and crashed through the 100 mile barrier. We're now in the tiny village of Christian Malford on the way to Chippenham. Is that another shop we can see? More ice-cream here we come...

117 miles Christian Malford

5DE miles completed as of 13th October: 90 Position: 1st *Most improved class of the weekend*

Current location: In our amazing super-weekend of running and walking we have managed, from the very back still in Cambridgeshire, to power past every class and have now ended up in front! We've feeling the pain a bit, and need a good rest, so thankfully we've made it to Stanford in the Vale, where the post office has a decent sized shop where we can stock up on drinks and maybe an ice-cream or two. We definitely need a rest.

90 miles Stanford in the Vale Post Office

5DE miles completed as of 9th October: 15 Position: 12th.

Current location: After a slow start, we picked ourselves up and got a wriggle on. We've made it to St Neots Riverside Park and we can see 3NS at the other side of the park. If we get a move on we can catch up and then won't be in last place anymore.
Whilst passing the St Neots Post Office we sent 6CF a post card back to say we're fine. We addressed it to St Ives Junior School in Cornwall but only sent it second class as they'll take a few more days to get there, so the postcard should get there first.

15 miles Riverside Park St Neots(1)

5DE miles completed as of 5th October: 0 Position: 12th. We've filled up our water bottles, we've all been to the toilet, we're ready to start...but haven't yet.

Current location: Outside Westfield Junior School, Cambridgeshire. 
We've received a post card from 6CF, post marked in Milton Keynes dated yesterday, saying they hoped we were OK.