6FB total miles completed as of 1st November: 217 Final Position: 2nd

Current location: 6CF kept with us for most the last leg, but we managed to break away with a sudden print to take a solid 2nd place quite a few miles ahead of them. We ignored all the nice cake shops in Tiverton and kept going so have made it to Trethorne Leisure Park, where we are pretty sure all the staff must have been a few weeks earlier. There are people in the restaurant asking for Mrs Heeley-Nall to come back to play the piano, queues of people in the stables are waiting for a riding lesson from Miss Dew and we're not entirely sure why there is a hat with Mr Webb's name on at the top of the big slide in the soft play, but we're not wasting our time whilst we're here. There's too much to do!

217 Trethorne Leisure Park(2)

6FB miles completed as of 21st October: 163 Position: Joint 2nd

Current location: Massive progress again this week! We have made to Glastonbury and we might need to stop at the Premier Inn for a good night's sleep and make the most of the all-you-can-eat breakfast from the Brewers Fayre in the morning. We have been though lots of pretty villages and we are at the half way mark for getting to the seaside in St Ives! Surely a good night's sleep is all we need. Although, just as we book in to the hotel we discover 6CF are here too!

163 miles Glastonbury Premier Inn(1)

6FB miles completed as of 16th October: 100 Position: Joint 2nd

We have had an astonishing few days, powering past several classes. Whatever was in that cake we got from the garden centre really worked! We've caught up with 6CF and we're keeping with them, despite their best efforts to break away. Let's keep this up. We're just passing the Police Station at Gablecross on the outskirts of Swindon.

100 miles Swindon Police Station(1)

6FB miles completed as of 9th October: 36 Position: 3rd

Current location: Most improved class of the week, we've powered down the Ouse Valley Way, shot out of Cambridgeshire whizzing past most classes and now now made it to the village of Chicherley and we're all enjoying a well earned Orange Juice sitting outside the Chester Arms pub in the village.

36 miles The Chester Arms Chicheley

6FB miles completed as of 5th October: 3 Position: 10th

Current location: A field somewhere between Houghton and Godmanchester. We're loving this field so much that a few classes have overtaken us, but we are still enjoying the flowers and the trees. We might start moving again soon.

3 miles a fields between houghton and gmc(1)