6KH final miles completed by 1st November: 85 Final Position: 9th

Current location: We've been taking in the scenery on our final leg of our run and we've made it to Wolvercote Lakes where we're hoping to be able to feed the hungry birds, ducks and geese. It's a bit blowy out but we're wrapped up warm. We haven't seen many other classes as they seem to be mostly ahead of us, but we're enjoying all the sights. We spotted a heron in the lake and it's  great fun kicking all the leaves everywhere.

85 miles Wolvercote Lakes(1)

6KH miles completed as of 21st October: 66 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: We've kept going along winding roads and made it to the village of Wendlebury - with 4SD along side all the way! We've got used to running with each other now. We've found quite a good play park at the village hall, so we'll probably have a rest here for a bit, but when we arrive we realise that along with 4SD with us, 3NS are already here! When did they over-take us? We must have been too busy spotting Heron at the nature reserve to notice them fly past.

66 Wendlebury Village play area(3)

6KH miles completed as of 16th October: 48 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: The hot chocolate was worth it, we're back to lots of road running again, but the scenery is making it worth it. We're just passing Grove Spinney Nature Reserve over to the right, but no time to stop. We'll keep pounding the A422 until we can get ahead of 4SD who seem to have been running with us for the last few days. We're still all together.

48 passing close to Grove Spinney Nature Reserve(1)

6KH miles completed as of 13th October: 43 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: We got a bit of a wriggle on this weekend, and have overtaken a couple of classes but one also flew past us in a blur. We've made it through several very pretty villages (didn't catch all the names as there were so many) but we have now made it to somewhere a little bit bigger, so we thought we'd nip into the Costa in Stoney Stratford to warm up a bit. We'd just finishing ordering all our Hot Chocolates when we noticed 4SD all coming out of the gift shop next door. I wonder if they'll notice us?

43 Stoney Stratford Shops(1)

6KH miles completed as of 9th October: 19.5 Position: 9th

Current location: We have made steady progress along the route but quite a few classes have passed us. We've been taking in the views though, and really enjoyed the wildlife at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. The geese at the Riverside Park seemed hungry so we had to stop for a while. We're now just heading into Great Barford village.

20 miles Great Barford Village(1)

6KH miles completed as of 5th October: 12 Position: Joint 5th running along side 5MW

Current location: We had a sneaky ice cream from the leisure club at Buckden Marina, but we're off again on the Ouse Valley Way and heading towards the edge of Paxton Pits Nature reserve.

13 miles Paxton Pits(2)