4SD final miles completed by 1st November: 80 Final Position: Joint 10th

Final Location: Well 4LB sped off somewhere but kept our lurking behind 4MC keeping them in our sights and we finally caught up with them in the village of Cumnor when they popped in to the cricket club. We found them all laying down under the trees hoping someone would come and pick them all up to take them home. It's not cricket season so not much was happening. Miss Dew dropped in on her Unicorn and we all climbed on to fly home. She told 4MC that there wasn't room for them as well as they'd have to get the bus.

80 miles Cumnor village cricket club(3)

4SD miles completed as of 21st October: 66 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: We've kept going along winding roads and made it to the village of Wendlebury - with 6KH along side all the way! We've got used to running with each other now. We've found quite a good play park at the village hall, so we'll probably have a rest here for a bit, but when we arrive we realise that along with 6KH with us, 3NS are already here! When did they over-take us? We must have been too busy spotting Heron at the nature reserve to notice them fly past.

66 Wendlebury Village play area(4)

4SD miles completed as of 16tt October: 48 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: The hot chocolate was worth it, we're back to lots of road running again, but the scenery is making it worth it. We're just passing Grove Spinney Nature Reserve over to the right, but no time to stop. We'll keep pounding the A422 until we can get ahead of 6KH who seem to have been running with us for the last few days. We're still all together.

48 passing close to Grove Spinney Nature Reserve

4SD miles completed as of 13th October: 43 Position: Joint 8th

Current location: We've liked the pretty walks and runs so far, but seem to have made it somewhere a little more built up. We're in the centre of Stony Stratford just passing Hubbards Cards and Gifts shop - perhaps we could pop in and buy a present to take home. However, given some of the wet weather we've run through, some nice Hot Chocolate from the Costa next door might be an idea, too! I wonder if we'll meet anyone in there that we know?

43 Stoney Stratford Shops

4SD miles completed as of 9th October: 31 Position: 6th

Current location: Gently sauntering through the beautiful village of Astwood, we're choosing the most scenic routes to run. We think Miss Dew overtook us on a horse but can't be sure.

31 miles Astwood village

4SD miles completed as of 5th October: 6.5 Position: 9th

Current location: Just leaving the beautfiul Port Holme Meadow, to follow the Ouse Valley way past Brampton Mill and on to Buckden Marina.

6 miles port holme meadow