3JT total miles completed by 1st November 143.5 miles Final Position: 4th

We managed to hold on to our 4th place position until the end of October, and we made it to Frome Town Centre. After all that running, we definitely deserve a drink in the coffee shop. After that, maybe we can get the bus home?

143.5 miles Frome Town Centre(1)

3JT miles completed as of 21st October 105 miles Position: 4th ** Big improver**

Current Location: We left the play park before 3FW and haven't seem them since so we're not sure how far behind they are. We been through lots of very pretty villages and we have now done over 100 miles! We've just been though Swindon and made it to Wroughton just outside Swindon. There must be somewhere to stop soon, but we need to stay ahead of the other year 3 classes so let's keep going...

105 miles Wroughton

3JT miles completed as of 13th October 53 miles Position: Joint 5th

We've made steady progress over the weekend and have climbed into 5th place, having overtaken a few classes. We have been joined by 6FB to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea at Buckingham Garden Centre before heading off again, but we got here first so we bought all the cake!

53 miles Buckingham Garden Centre

3JT miles completed as of 9th October 24.5 miles Position: 7th but 3FW are close behind us!

Current location: Just passing the massive University of Bedford library in the middle of the town. Not quite time to pop in to study for a degree, but perhaps we'll be back in a few years time.

25 miles university of Bedford

3JT miles completed as of 5th October 9.5 miles Position: 7th but 4LB are just half a mile behind us!

Current location: Just passed an electricity sub station on the Ouse Valley Way walk, somewhere between Buckden Marina and Diddington village.

9.5 miles electricity sub station between offord and diddington