Our St Ives to St Ives (and back) mega race challenge

Our individual class races for October have now ended - but we're going to keep going as a whole school to see if we can get to St Ives, Australia, before Christmas!

st ives to st ives

Page last updated Thursday 12th November

If you'd like to make a donation for get sponsored for your miles, you can donate to the WSA here. Thank you

We first reached St Ives Junior School in Cornwall on Friday 9th October (and returned home by 15th October!)

314 miles car park outside St Ives Junior School Cornwall

TOTAL WHOLE SCHOOL PUPIL MILE COUNT SO FAR: 2102 miles (updated 26th November 2020)

Current location: So we've made it all the way to St Ives (Cornwall) and back - and didn't feel like stopping, so we thought we'd give St Ives in Australia a visit. A light jog over to Dover, jumped on the ferry and we ran our way through France, stopped for drinks in Munich in Germany and have merrily skipped our way through Bosnia and Herzegovina, fed the black swans at Bijeljina, close to the Serbian border, and have now wandered through Bulgaria to make it to the beautiful capital city, Sofia, taking in the National Theatre there...

2102 miles Sofia Bulgaira

It's 314 miles from St Ives (Cambridgeshire) to St Ives (Cornwall) and every class went as far as they could!

Throughout the month of October, every class had the challenge of running, jogging or walking the distance to St Ives in Cornwall - and maybe even back again too!

We asked you to go for regular runs, jogs or walks and record the number of miles that you complete.

We regularly added up the distance each class had done - to see who was in the lead, and where each class had got to.

5DE came in first and made it all the way to the beach! As a whole school, we're still working together to try to get to Australia. The whole school total on this page will still be updated weekly.