#WeAreWestfield2021 - Let's see your great lockdown photos and videos!

2020 montage.mp4

Can we make our lockdown 2021 montage video even better than this one?

Missing each other? Let's share some videos and photos together...

Opposite you'll see a short video montage of just some of the videos and photos we shared during the Spring and Summer Lockdown of 2020.

Now that school is closed for most of us again, we can again share lots of photos and videos with each other of what we're getting up to.

Whether it's some amazing learning, a new skill you've learnt, or just a photo to say hi, log in and share your photos (if you've got permission) so the rest of the school can see you! You'll be able to see all the other shared photos and some of them will make it into our 2021 video montage.

Click here to go to our #WeAreWestfield photo and video sharing area (pupil login required)