Diary Dates

Diary dates



Friday 19th October                      Last day before half term

22nd – 26th October                      Half Term

29th October                                Return to school

Monday 29th October                    Year 3 to 5 Flu Immunisation

Tuesday 30th October                    WSA Film Night

Wednesday 31st October                Year 4 Egyptian Day

Wednesday 14th November            WSA Meeting all parents welcome starts at 3.30pm

Friday 16th November                    Children in Need

Tuesday 20th November                  Year 3 Flag Fen

Tuesday 27th November                  E-safety meeting for parents: 9am with free croissants

Tuesday 27th November                  E-safety meeting for parents: 6:30pm with free cake (a repeat of 9am meeting)        

Friday 30th November                   WSA Non-Uniform Day

4th - 6th December                        Lower school production

Friday 7th December                       3KT Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Thursday 13th December                Year 3 Celt Day

Friday 14th December                    Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day

Monday 17th December                  WSA School Disco 5.30 - 7.00pm

Wednesday 19th December              Last day before Christmas break



Monday 7th January                      Return to school

Friday 18th January                       Young Voices Birmingham

Wednesday 23rd January               WSA Meeting all parents welcome starts at 3.30pm

Friday 25th January                       5MW Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 1st February                        4SD Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Monday 4th February                     Year 6 Stibbington Evacuation Day

Wednesday 13th February              Year 5 West Stow Trip

Friday 15th February                      Last day before half term

18th – 22nd February                      Half Term

Monday 25th February                   Return to school

Tuesday 26th February                    Year 6 Paloeolab

Friday 1st March                            WSA Family Quiz

Friday 8th March                            6CF Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 15th March                          Red Nose Day

Friday 15th March                          5DE Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 22nd March                          4MC Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 29th March                           3NS Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 29th March                          WSA Non-Uniform Day - Easter Eggs

Tuesday 2nd April                            Parents evening

Thursday 4th April                           Parents evening

Friday 5th April                               Last day before Easter holidays





Wednesday 24th April                     Return to school

24th – 26th April                            Year 4 Caythope Court

Monday 6th May                           Bank Holiday (school closed)

7th -10th May                                Year 5 Laches Wood

13th – 16th May                            Year 6 SATs

Friday 17th May                            5KH Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Tuesday 21st May                         International Day

Thursday 23rd May                        Last day before half term

27th - 31st May                              Half Term

Monday 3rd June                           Return to school

3rd – 7th June                                Year 6 Scarborough

10th – 13th June                             Year 3 to 5 Life Education Bus

Friday 14th June                             3FW Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Thursday 27th June                         Year 6 leavers photos

Friday 28th June                             6AE Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Friday 28th June                            Summer Fayre

Friday 5th July                                4LB Parent assembly (starting at 11am)

Thursday 11th July                          Changeover day

Friday 12th July                              Year 6 St Ivo Interform Day

Monday 22nd July                          Year 6 Leavers Assembly                       

Monday 22nd July                          School Disco

Wednesday 24th July                       Last day of the school year


If you're looking for term dates going beyond the current academic year, visit our term dates page.