Moving On Up Learning Packs

Summer Learning Resources

Throughout the summer holidays, our teaching staff will not be setting dedicated home learning activities in the way we have been doing for the past few months, but this web page has a number of resources you may wish to dip in to over the holidays, particularly if you are concerned about catching up with any learning that may have been missed during the months of school closure.

MOVING ON UP Summer Learning Packs - FREE printable workbooks

Home Learning Packs

A range of printable workbooks, providing a selection of tailored activities to help to prepare your child for their new class in September have been produced for each year group.

Once printed, children will not require access to the internet to be able to complete the activities and each pack contains useful resources such: as digit cards, dice templates and spinners. (Note that the resource pages are worth printing out single-sided rather than double sided to allow some of the templates to be cut out and made into resources)

Click on these links to go straight to the pdf printable documents. 


Moving on up into Year 3 - English

Moving on up into Year 4 - English

Moving on up into Year 5 - English

Moving on up into Year 6 - English 


Moving on up into Year 3 - Maths

Moving on up into Year 4 - Maths

Moving on up into Year 5 - Maths

Moving on up into Year 6 - Maths

Mathletics and Maths Whizz

You have got access to two great maths websites - Maths Whizz and Mathletics. If you're not sure how to access either, then please log in to your learning platform account and check out your MyWork space and look for the password login card. In Mathletics, you can join in live games with others in the school and across the world! You could even arrange with your friends to try to join the same games at the same time. Have an explore round and any feedback on how useful you've found either Maths Whizz or Mathletics during lockdown and the summer holidays can be sent to Mr Wilkinson through your learning platform email account. 

BBC Bitesize lessons

BBC Bitesize are keeping all their lessons online over the summer - so there are plenty of lessons to pick and choose from if you'd like to catch up in any curriculum area. Have a look at the vast library and have a go at anything you like the sound of. Visit to get started.

Oak National Academy

The amzing Oak National Academy also has a tremendous bank of lessons that will remain online throughout the summer so if there are any particular things you like to catch up on, or just think dipping into some maths and literacy here and there will help take a look and explore some of the lessons - watch the videos, complete the activities and be as prepared as you can for September back at school! Visit