• Fri 12th May

    Year 5 Maths Challenge (Prachi Ghori)

    On Tuesday 9th May a selection of Year 5 children were invited to take part in a maths challenge held at Thorndown school. Our first round was team round 1,  we began at a good pace and kept it up throughout the round. 

    Then the next round started which was the memory round. Two of our members chose to go up and observe the mathematical picture (one at a time). Rhys went up first getting us about 1/4 of the picture done. Then, Daniel went up and gave us some more of this picture . After that, both of them went up to have a look we got more and more of this picture and soon after time was up. 

    After those two rounds we got a break to have biscuits and juice.

    The third round was the estimation round. We got to examine a tooth brush and had to estimate how long it was and the mass of it. Though our mass was a little off we had the best estimation part. We got a map of Cambridgeshire and we had to estimate the length, width and area in kilometres . Then we got onto the next round.

    The next round we struggled with because we only had about 2-3 minutes to solve each of  the six questions but we still got most of them. Though we were rushing a lot ,we made a great effort with this round. We are proud of what we did in the Maths Challenge. Certificates were handed out and each school had one. Westfield earned a certificate for the memory round.

    Thank you to Miss Smith and Mrs Edgley for supporting us while we were there.

    Written by PG, Year 5

  • Fri 5th May

    Westfield Coronation Celebrations (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 5th May

    The children and staff at Westfield enjoyed a day of Coronation related activities today. The children from each class were able to place their coins on a special crown, drawn on the playground. In addition, each class had its own mini bake-off, with prizes awarded for the best cake or biscuit in each class.. Congratulations to Alex E in 3CD, Woody in 3LB, Freddie in 4JT, Lottie in 4MW, Jess in 5EH, Jersey in 5FW, Elsea in 5NS, Dyana in 6AF, Edie in 6CF and Aria in 6SD for their amazing, creative entries.





    Parents were invited to join us for a picnic lunch, as well as to watch the interclass sports tournaments in which some children from each year group took part...football for years 3 and 5, tag rugby for years 4 and 6. Despite the weather, everyone enjoyed the day.






























  • Mon 24th Apr

    Visit from St Ives Mayor (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 24th April


    The Mayor of St Ives visited Westfield today, to present each child with a mug commemorating King Charles III's coronation. He spoke to the whole school during assembly, before going to each class to personally give the children their mugs. The Mayor told the children that only 1,500 of these mugs were made, making them a very special keepsake.



  • Fri 21st Apr

    Folk duo concert (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 21st April    


    The children and staff at Westfield were treated to a very special morning of music. The folk duo, Megson, performed a variety of songs, including a signed song and a popular sea shanty. They used a variety of instruments during the performance: a banjo, a guitar, an octave mandola and the piano accordion. The children were able to join in with the singing and the actions. Everyone enjoyed the concert immensely!




  • Tue 28th Mar

    Easter Egg Competition Winners (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Tuesday, 28th March

    Congratulations to the 'egg'cellent winners of the Easter Egg decoration competition: Hareem in 3CD, Miles in 4JT, Ella in 5EH and Isla in 6AF. 





    Well done to everyone who entered; there were many wonderful, creative designs!

  • Mon 27th Mar

    Our 24 Hour Reads (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Monday 27th March 2023
    As part of our ongoing Reading for Pleasure project, pupils were asked to complete a 24 hour read activity as a whole school homework. Anything counted as long as it involved reading! Here is a selection of what the pupils came up with:

    If you need helo viewing any of these 24 hour reads slightly bigger, you can view them in a pdf file here.

  • Mon 27th Mar

    Computing meets DT: Our Fairground Rides (Mr Fryer-Bovair 6FB)

    We are having a fabulous time in Year Six using Crumble to control our fairground rides. 

  • Mon 27th Mar

    Painting in the style of Lowry (Mrs Mackenzie 4MC)

    Fantastic examples from Year 6 of acrylic  painting in the style of Lowry....well done everyone!!

  • Thu 16th Mar

    Science Week 2023 (Mr Fenton 6CF)

    The Westfield Science Week has been in full swing this week.

    The main event for the week has been the visit of The Plane Guy to the school with his working Coyote II aircraft.

    Andre, The Plane Guy, has been explaining how the aircraft works, and how the different control surfaces on the vehicle effect the way that it moves through the air.

    "I liked going inside the plane and learning how the flaps worked."

    "I liked that when we moved the lever in the plane the elevators at the back moved"

    Pupils, staff and even parents have enjoyed the opportunity to sit behind the controls of the aircraft.

    We also had our paper aeroplane competition, with planes being entered into three main categories: furthest distance, longest flight time and most creative design.

    The winners in each category will be announced in assembly this Friday.

    There has also been a wealth of science taking place throughout the school thiss week, from joining in with live lessons from the science museum, to experiments with light, and even some dissections!

    We can't wait to do it all again next year,

    Mr Fenton


  • Mon 13th Mar

    Monday 13th March: Science Week (Mr Fryer-Bovair 6FB)


    We've been out making the most of the wind this afternoon! 

Eco Explorers Book Swap
Eco Explorers Pond Area
  • Fri 11th Mar

    Friday 11th March (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    It may seem like a load of old logs to you - but as it decays, this pile of logs  will become home to a huge variety of invertebrates. The logs (donated by St Ives Town Council) have been  carefully stacked in the pond area. As the logs decompose, invertebrates will eat, rest and live in the rotting wood which in turn will encourage other animals and birds to take up residence. 

Eco Explorers Tree Planting
  • Sat 5th Mar

    Saturday 5th March (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    Eco Explorers supported Groundworks East plant over 50 native saplings at Hill Rise Park. The trees will form a natural corridor between the two wooded areas that buffer the park. Despite the rain and th cold, a good time was had by all. Eco Explorers are proud to know that the trees they have planted will have a long lasting impact on the environment and everyone that uses the park.

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