• Tue 31st Mar

    Home learning takes off (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Tuesday 31st March 

    Westfield Junior School is running a little differently at the moment - and we've shown ourselves to be an amazing community of learners! We love this stop motion animation from Alice, and we're showcasing some of our home learning photos on the front of our website. Pupils can log in to their learning platform accounts to view and comment on each other's shared photos here.

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  • Fri 27th Mar

    Accelerated Reader (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 27th March

    Congratulations to George Mills (5MW) for achieving his double

    millionaire status this week, with a word count of 2,033,886!


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  • Fri 13th Mar

    Sports Relief (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 13th March

    Today we wore sports kit for Sports Relief and raised £271. We have also been playing a continuous game of football – each of the classes has taken it in turns to play. At the end of the day, teams playing from the East end of the pitch had scored 27 goals in total. Teams playing from the West had scored 13. Well done East!


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  • Mon 9th Mar

    Science Week (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 9th March

    Today we dressed as scientists to celebrate the start of our Science Week. There is a huge range of costumes – everything from lab coats to smart suits, palaeontologists to astronomers. Mr Fenton showed us a very impressive experiment at the end of the assembly to start the week with a bang. Each year group is focusing on a famous or significant scientist for the rest of the week. We’re all looking forward to squeezing in lots of extra science!

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  • Fri 6th Mar

    Bandana Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 6th March  

    Today, the children wore bandanas to support The Brain Tumour Charity. We raised nearly £300 – thank you all for your kind donations.

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  • Fri 6th Mar

    World Book Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 6th March

    Yesterday was World Book Day. We had a fantastic day. In the morning, each teacher read a short extract from a favourite story. The children could then choose which story to go and hear the rest of. After break, they paired up with children from other year groups to share and enjoy a non-fiction book together. We were so impressed by how well they worked together. In the afternoon there were all sorts of exciting activities going on, from Author / Illustrator masterclasses to short story writing. We’ve also been able to contribute over 2000 story-sharing moments to the World Book Day “Share a Million Stories” campaign.

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  • Thu 5th Mar

    A Baroque Band Experience (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted on Thursday 6th March 2020
    On Wednesday, 5th March, the children and staff enjoyed a visit from amazing The Brook Street Band. They treated us to a concert of baroque music, including pieces by composers such as Handel, Telemann and Corelli. The performance involved a baroque violin, recorders, a cello and a virginal (a small member of the harpsichord family).  We particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing their large collection of recorders which ranged from the tiny garklein recorder to the huge bass recorder!

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  • Wed 26th Feb

    Wednesday 26th February (Lall Swales)

    On Friday 14th of February Westfield cricket team played a tournament at the st.ivo indoor centre .


    We played Thondown A, Houghton, Hemingford grey and Thondown B. We all played brilliantly and 

    We played well as a team it was a very tough tournament sadly we couldn’t find out the scores but the good thing was the organisers announced the results.


    We were placed first in the tournament by 121 runs but we beat Hemingford that came second by 22 runs .


    We would like to thank mr Austin for coaching us and please may the team come and collect their certificates.


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  • Fri 14th Feb

    Year 6 World War II projects (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 14th February

     This afternoon, Year 6 hosted a "WW2 Museum" event in the hall, Each of the classes visited to see the amazing air-raid shelter models that they have been working on at home. We have been amazed by the quality of the models and by the obvious care and time taken by the children. Thank you all for your support with these at home



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  • Fri 14th Feb

    Year 5 visit to West Stow (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 14th February

    On Wednesday, 12th February, Year 5 children and staff enjoyed a trip back in time to experience life as Anglo-Saxons. There were replica houses to explore, as well as a museum full of artefacts found in and around the site. The children also learned more about the time period from one of the guides .


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