• Wed 24th Jul

    Plastics sculpture (Miss Bray)


    Year 4 have been learning about the problems with single use plastics. We learned facts about plastic pollution and created our own persuasive videos. We then used our plastic waste to create some sculptures of the sea-life which is being killed by plastics.



  • Thu 18th Jul

    Quad Kids - C team report (Caitlin Doherty)

    Quad Kids C Team 

    On Tuesday the 16th of July Westfield C Team took part in the althetics tournament at the Outdoor Centre.

    We started off with the 70 metre run. There were around 5 different schools taking part.

    We got off to a good start with Lucy coming second and Beth coming third. Then Andi came first with Rufus only just coming second. James H came first while Edward came fourth.

    Next we did the standing long jump.

    We started off very well with Edward jumping around 12 metres and James H jumping 10 metres.

    Next we moved onto the staggered start.

    We got off to a good start with Lucy coming second, Julia D coming third, Molly coming fourth and Bethany coming fifth.

    Then the boys went up and James H came first, Andi coming second, Rufus coming third and Edward coming fourth.

    Overall we came first out of all the C teams.

    Thank you Mr. Austin and Mrs. Rendall for coaching us



  • Thu 18th Jul

    Quad Kids B team report (Jack Williams)

    On Tuesday the 16th of July 2019 three teams went to an athletics tournament called Quad Kids 

    The B team's first activity was the vortex throw.Amelie,Olivia,Jess and Jessica threw first and Jasper, Leon, Alfie and Finn threw second, they all did very well. Amelie threw it the farthest out of the girls and Jasper threw it the farthest out of the boys. The  others also threw very far. 

    The B teams second activity was the 70 metre sprint and the girls were racing first and Jess  was racing first for our team,she did very well and won the race, next it was Jessica and Amelie, they also  did well and came 1st and 4th .Next it was Olivia and she did great and came 1st. Then it was the boys races  and Jasper  raced first he did really well and came 1st. Next it was Alfie he did great and came 2nd. Then Leon raced he did amazingly well and came 1st. After that it was Finn and  after a great race he came 2nd. They all did really well and got great times around 11-13 seconds. 

    The B teams third activity was the standing long jump and the girls went first Amelie got 190cm,Jessica got 144cm, Jess got 174cm and Olivia got 185cm next it was the boys turn  Finn went next and got 162cm, Alfie got 185cm,Leon got 174cm and Jasper got 186cm. 

    The b teams 4th  and final activity was the   600m long distance run and the girls raced first again  and Jess came 1st, Olivia came 2nd, Amelie came 3rd and Jessica came 5th then it was the boys turn and in there race  Jasper came 1st Finn came 2nd Alfie came 4th and Leon came 5th. Everyone had a great day and would like to thank Mr Austin and Mrs Rendall for taking us. Written by JW.



  • Thu 18th Jul

    Quad Kids - A team report (Ruby Hall)

    On Tuesday 16th July 2019 three teams from Westfield took part in a sports event called Quad Kids at St Ivo Outdoor Centre. I was the A team.

    The first activity that the A team took part in was the standing long jump. Cian  got the highest jump with 2 meters  but everybody else was really close to his score and got lots of points for the team.

    The next activity for the A team was the long distance(600 meters). A lap and a half of the track. Some people were nervous but built up the courage to have a go. In the girls race Hollie came 1st , Annabelle came 2nd and Esme and Camille came joint 3rd. In the boys race Harry came 6th , Charlie came 4th ,pat came 7th and cian came 5th but how long it took you was what earned you the points.

    After that we moved over to the throwing activity(throwing a torpedo as far as you could).First up was Annabelle,Camille,pat and Cian. Then Hollie,Esme,Harry and Charlie had a go.Everyone got really high scores from 30-50 meters in the team. 

    Then we moved on to doing the sprint(70 meters) Esme came 2nd out of 5 competitors.Camille came 2nd.Hollie came 3rd and Annabelle came 1st. In the boys race Cian came 3rd  ,Pat came 4th, Charlie came 3rd and Harry came 1st but the time it takes you to do it in is what gets you points .

    Overall the A team came second out of 16 schools. Hollie came 3rd out of all the girls that competed throughout all of the schools that took part.  

    We would like to thank Mr Austin and Mrs Rendall for taking us and for Hunts School Sports Partnership for organising the event. Here is a short video of some of the photos we took.  Written by RH.

  • Fri 12th Jul

    Urban Strides (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 12th July

    Westfield enjoyed another visit from Andy Instone, of Urban Strides. He delivered a inspirational assembly to the school, followed by dance workshops for each of the year groups. A great day, enjoyed by all!


  • Wed 10th Jul

    Another new arrival (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Wednesday, 10th July

    Not to be outdone by ducks or robins, the latest bird born on Westfield grounds is a seagull who has been inhabiting the roof and providing occasional entertainment by settling on the sky lights.

    Mother and baby made a joint appearance today at the front of the school.



  • Wed 26th Jun

    Girls' Cricket County final (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 26th June 2019

    On Wednesday the 26th of June, the Westfield girls cricket team played in the girls cricket county final at Peterborough County Cricket Club. Our first game was against Fulbridge and we beat them by 27 runs. Our second game was against Beeches and we unfortunately lost by 59 runs. After that, we played fulbridge again and beat them by 24 runs. The next match was with Bushmead and we won by 46 runs. Next was the play off for third place which we lost on the last ball by two runs. Overall, we finished in 4th place in Cambridgeshire. We would like to thank Mr Austin for coaching us. (Written by AL)











  • Fri 21st Jun

    Football match semi final report (Charlie Hives)

    Posted on Wednesday 26th June 2019

    On Monday 17th June, Westfield A team played against Hemingford. We kicked of well with Charlie H scoring a hat trick.  Then Charlie G scored another. We were winning 4-1 at half time. We started the second half well with Charlie H scoring again to make it 5-1. We kept possession well and were able to get another 2 goals scored by Charlie G and Harry. The final score was 7-1 and we had a great game. We would like to thank Mr Webb for coaching us and the players for performing fantasticly. Written by CH.

  • Fri 21st Jun

    Girls' Cricket Tournament - B team report (Nadia Chutek)

    Posted on Wednesday 26th June 2019

    On Thursday 20th June, the girls' cricket B team attended a Cricket Tournament at Ramsey Cricket Club.

    We played against four other schools but 5 teams,and unfortunately lost our first match..After that we drew with Bury bears.

    Sadly, we lost our last three matches.We had a great time and experience.We lost the tournament but we played well.

    We would like to thank Mr Austin for coaching us. Written by NC.



  • Fri 21st Jun

    Girls' Cricket Tournament (Camille Gimblett)

    Written on Friday 21st June 2019

    On Thursday the 20th of June Westfields girls cricket A team competed in a tournament. We played 2 matches and won both of them. The next match we played was against Westfield B and we won again. We then played  another 2 matches doing very well and winning both of them again. We played our final match against Warboys, it was the most difficult match but we still managed to beat them by only 8 points. Overall we came first and have been put through to the finals. We would like to thank Mr Austin for coaching .Written by CG.

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