• Fri 26th Apr

    Friday 26th April (Trisha Tyagi)

    Good Morning

    This is our 1st Eco Report of the Summer Term and we are very excited about the things that are planned such as our Green Flag Awards and more opportunities to plant some new things on our field 

    This week at Eco Club and also on Earth Day we have been working on sustainability. We watched a few videos on how to be sustainable and we then we planned out a map of what is going to go in which area.

    Thank you for listening 

    (written by TT)

  • Wed 27th Mar

    Coding to make computer games! (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Wednesday 27th March 2024

    In Year 6 we have been using variables in our computer coding to create computer games. Variables can be used to control many different things in a game, such as a score, a time limit, a number of lives, a difficulty level or even the player's name. A variable is a bit like a box that contains a specific piece of information, and that information can change for a specific reason, such as a goal being scored or a unit of time passing. 
    Why not try playing Don't Catch The Crab and see how you do! One variable adds up your score as you play and another variable counts down the time left. Just be sure not to catch the crab! You can explore all the coding for the game, and edit and change it yourself here on the scratch website.


  • Thu 7th Mar

    World Book Day 2024 (Mr Fryer-Bovair Deputy Head)



    Wow, what a day! This video is the result of our whole-school James and The Giant Peach project. Can you spot your child's picture?

    Every child in school had a line from James and The Giant Peach to illustrate, and the result was a gallery almost 60 metres long that snaked its way around the school hall. We were bowled over by the effor the children put into their illustrations and by the enormous variety of creative ways in which they chose to illustrate their line. 

    Parents and carers came in to see the results at the end of the day, and our brilliant WSA organised a cake sale to raise funds to continue to develop and enrich opportunities for all the children. 

    A few photos from the day: 


  • Thu 15th Feb

    West Stow (Miss Smith 5NS)

    On Tuesday, Year Five braved the cold and wet for their trip to West Stow. The morning consisted of an artefact handling activity and an exploration of the museum. There were many interesting items on show, particularly a replica of the helmet discovered in the Sutton Hoo burial. In the afternoon, we visited several reconstructions of Anglo-Saxon homes, which have been built based on evidence found by archaeologists. The children immersed themselves in the role of historians and discussed their findings with the adults, asking excellent questions to the resident expert, Stephanie. Despite the drizzly weather, the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating Anglo-Saxon life. A fantastic day!


  • Wed 14th Feb

    Stop Frame Animation (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    In Compuiting lessons this half term, Year 3 have been exploring Stop Frame Animation and making objects like pencils and rulers come to life! We have learnt that in animations like The Snowman film and Wallace and Grommit there can be as many as 24 photos - called frames - in every second of film.

    Ask any of our Year 3 children what any of this has to do with onion skins and you'll find out about a useful Stop Frame technique!

    Here's a quick selection of some of our Stop Frame action...





  • Mon 12th Feb

    Eco report (Mikey Scrivener)

    Eco Explorers would like to hold its THIRD BOOK SWAP. Holding a book swap is a brilliant way of recycling your book that you no longer enjoy reading and in return you get to take home "newish" book to read 

    The idea is simple.  

     From Monday 26th February you can bring in to school any book that have read (with your parent's permmison).LET YOUR TEACHER KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A BOOK TO SWAP. You can take  home a "new" book if you have donated a book before the event.

    please feel free to donate as many as you like BUT you will only be able to take away one book home in return. Any books that are not taken will go to the library for everyone to enjoy.   

    please make sure that the book you donate is a children's book and that it's in good condition - we won't be able to swap books that have been drawn in or defaced.

    If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs Carder or any of the Eco Committee.   


  • Tue 9th Jan

    Rocksteady Visit (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Tuesday, 9th January



    The children and staff at Westfield had a great treat today...a visit by Tommy from Rocksteady. He demonstrated a variety of electronic instruments during a special assembly, before holding workshops for the upper and lower school. In these workshops, there was an opportunity for some children to play the instruments and form their own rock band. All the other children were equally engaged, through singing and helping to keep the beat. The children produced some amazing performances and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!



  • Mon 4th Dec

    Eco Report (Mikey Scrivener)

    Posted Monday 4th December 2023

    This week at eco club we have painted our costers. This is the penultimate week before the christmas holidays. This week is COP28 it is being held in Dubai. COP28 is when everyone from different countries come together to discuss world problems that are happening all around the world. We also wrote a pledge to save our environment and do anything we can.

    Thank you for listening to out Eco Club report.

    (Written by TT and MS)

  • Fri 24th Nov

    Hamerton Zoo (Mr Webb 4MW)

    As part of their Science topic on Animals and their Habibtats and their English topic on non-fiction writing, year four visited Hamerton Zoo Park on Wednesday. They had a fantastic time, spending their time looking at the wide range of different habitats that the zoo provides for the animals as well as looking at some high quality non-fiction text to feed into their writing this week. The children had an amazing time and their behaviour was a real credit to the school. 

  • Mon 20th Nov

    Coding in Physical Computing (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Monday 20th November 2023

    Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring and controlling a physical system in their computing lessons this half term, using a programmable controller called a Crumble. Using conditional selection we have been looking at how to program a light to behave like a traffic light - which stays green until a button is pressed, then turns red so we can cross the road, and then back to green. The code required to do this can be seen here, along with a short video showing the outcome. Once we have learnt our way around how Crumble controllers work, we are looking forward to using them to make some exciting fairground rides next term!



Eco Explorers Book Swap
Eco Explorers Pond Area
  • Fri 11th Mar

    Friday 11th March (Mrs Carder 3CD)

    It may seem like a load of old logs to you - but as it decays, this pile of logs  will become home to a huge variety of invertebrates. The logs (donated by St Ives Town Council) have been  carefully stacked in the pond area. As the logs decompose, invertebrates will eat, rest and live in the rotting wood which in turn will encourage other animals and birds to take up residence. 

Eco Explorers Tree Planting
  • Sat 5th Mar

    Saturday 5th March (Mrs Carder 3CD)

    Eco Explorers supported Groundworks East plant over 50 native saplings at Hill Rise Park. The trees will form a natural corridor between the two wooded areas that buffer the park. Despite the rain and th cold, a good time was had by all. Eco Explorers are proud to know that the trees they have planted will have a long lasting impact on the environment and everyone that uses the park.

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