• Fri 24th Nov

    Hamerton Zoo (Mr Webb 4MW)

    As part of their Science topic on Animals and their Habibtats and their English topic on non-fiction writing, year four visited Hamerton Zoo Park on Wednesday. They had a fantastic time, spending their time looking at the wide range of different habitats that the zoo provides for the animals as well as looking at some high quality non-fiction text to feed into their writing this week. The children had an amazing time and their behaviour was a real credit to the school. 

  • Mon 20th Nov

    Coding in Physical Computing (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Monday 20th November 2023

    Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring and controlling a physical system in their computing lessons this half term, using a programmable controller called a Crumble. Using conditional selection we have been looking at how to program a light to behave like a traffic light - which stays green until a button is pressed, then turns red so we can cross the road, and then back to green. The code required to do this can be seen here, along with a short video showing the outcome. Once we have learnt our way around how Crumble controllers work, we are looking forward to using them to make some exciting fairground rides next term!



  • Fri 13th Oct

    Wednesday 11th October (Mr Webb 4MW)

    Westfield had a real treat today when Hunts FA brought in two 3v3 inflatable football pitches.

    They ran a session in the afternoon and stayed behind for the after school football clubs to ensure that every pupil could have a go.

    The looks on the children's faces and their comments showed how much they enjoyed it!

    Thanks again to Hunts FA for providing such a great opportunity!

  • Mon 17th Jul

    Maths Day (Miss Bray 3LB)

    Last week was Westfield Maths Day.

    Children took part in a range of Maths activities such as creating their own Maths games, tesselating art, tangrams, scaling pictures, Maths trails around the school and baking.

    Here are a few pictures from the day.


  • Mon 17th Jul

    Whole school sponsored walk (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 17th July

    The children and staff of Westfield took part in a sponsored walk along the Thicket path this afternoon, to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

    Thank you to everyone who has contibuted to this very worthy cause close to Mr Austin's heart. 

    If you would like to sponsor the children for their efforts, please click this link 


  • Mon 17th Jul

    Year 6 leavers' cups (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 17th July

    Congratulations to Alex, Edie and Ian, who have won this year's special leavers cups: The Endeavour Cup, The Eggleston cup and the Rendall Sportsmanship cup.


  • Mon 17th Jul

    Memories of our Circus and Summer Fayre (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Monday 17th July 2023

    Back in June, Eastfield and Westfield joined together for a fundraising spectacular summer fair and circus event. Lots of great memories were made and here is just a short video montage to remind us of the occasion.


  • Thu 13th Jul

    Girls Cricket Tournament (Prachi Ghori)

    On the 11th of July, Westfield's year 5 girls took part in the Ramsey Cricket Club Tournament.


    Our first match was against Bury, we started of with bowling. And of with a good pace with Ella, Amelie, Prachi and Abiha hitting the stumps and bowling the opposite team out. At the end we lost against Bury by 3 runs making the final score of the match 48 - 51 to them.


    Our next match was against Ramsey. We started bowling again. At the beginning Trisha bowled a batter out. Having 5 runs subtracted from the team. Abiha and Megan scored a 4 . The overall score was 33 - 92 to us.


    Our third match was against Warboys. We started of bowling again. Though we didn't let the opposition team score many runs. Our first batting pair did well with Amelie scoring a fabulous 4. Towards the end Prachi hit an amazing 6. Which left us winning by 26 runs.


    Our final match was against Ermine Academy. We decided to bowl first but many wides were bowled, an extra 2 runs every wide. Then we started batting with Ella scoring a few fours and Amelie scoring 1 and Megan hitting a lovely 4 from a difficult bowl. We lost by 7 runs.


    But overall we came 2nd in the tournament. Thank you for Mr Austin for coaching and taking us.



  • Thu 6th Jul

    HSSP Girls Football Festival (Edith Lewis)

    On Tuesday the 4th of July, Westfield year 5 and 6 girls participated in a football festival in St Neots. It was based on the Womens’ World Cup so we represented Ireland. 

     Our first game was against Little Paxton which we drew 0-0. 

     We played Brampton next, who we beat 4-0 with Laraib scoring twice and Edie and Aria scoring as well. 

     Then we played Priory, who we beat 6-0 with Edie and Laraib both scoring twice and Aria and Abi scoring once. 

    After that we faced Crosshall, we attacked a lot, resulting in Edie, Aria and Kacey all scoring once. The end score was 3-0 to us.

    Warboys were our next opponents. Their defence was quite weak so we managed to get past and score easily. Edie managed to get a hat-trick, and Aria scored twice. The final score was 5-0.

     Next we played Bushmead, they were a good side but we managed to beat them with Edie scoring. The final result was 1-0 to us.

     Our final game was against Holywell. They had a very good defender and keeper but Edie managed to tackle one of their players near their goal and score. It finished 1-0 to Westfield.  

    Some of the team featured in the HSSP heroes team, playing with children from other schools to make up numbers in group 2. Aria and Edie both scored in their games.

    There was no winner as it was a friendly football festival. Thank you to Mr Webb and Mr Austin for coaching and taking us.

  • Fri 23rd Jun

    Ducks return to Westfield! (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 23rd June

    After an absence of a couple of years, we have enjoyed having baby ducks at Westfield again this week...this time in our newly refurbished pond area. They were here for a few days but appear to have moved on now.


Eco Explorers Book Swap
Eco Explorers Pond Area
  • Fri 11th Mar

    Friday 11th March (Mrs Carder 3CD)

    It may seem like a load of old logs to you - but as it decays, this pile of logs  will become home to a huge variety of invertebrates. The logs (donated by St Ives Town Council) have been  carefully stacked in the pond area. As the logs decompose, invertebrates will eat, rest and live in the rotting wood which in turn will encourage other animals and birds to take up residence. 

Eco Explorers Tree Planting
  • Sat 5th Mar

    Saturday 5th March (Mrs Carder 3CD)

    Eco Explorers supported Groundworks East plant over 50 native saplings at Hill Rise Park. The trees will form a natural corridor between the two wooded areas that buffer the park. Despite the rain and th cold, a good time was had by all. Eco Explorers are proud to know that the trees they have planted will have a long lasting impact on the environment and everyone that uses the park.

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