• Thu 16th Jan

    Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 16th January

    Yesterday, the children and staff in year 5 experienced a day as Anglo-Saxons, presented by Gripping History. The children learned about invasion and settlement in Britain during Anglo-Saxon times. They experienced an archeological find from the time period, as well as looking at how trade worked and how to write using a quill and the Anglo-Saxon alphabet. The day ended with a discussion about weapons and a battle on the playground.




  • Thu 16th Jan

    Year 6 Palaeolab visit (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 16th January

    On Wednesday 8th January, Year six were visited by zoologist and broadcaster Jules Howard. He introduced us to the amazing way in which animals and plants have evolved over millions of years to suit their environments. We learnt that the area where the school now sits would once have been at the bottom of a shallow tropical sea, and that the ground beneath the school is full of amazing fossils from the Jurassic period. Jules brought with him his amazing collection of thousands of fossils to help us to piece together the history of the area and the animals that lived here. We also spent time classifying ancient and modern sea creatures, and looking at how an animal's teeth and skull give us clues as to how they lived their lives. 



  • Tue 17th Dec

    Year 5 Rocket projects (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Tuesday, 17th December

    The children in Year 5 were asked to create a piece of work related to the current space topic. As you can see, they did amazing work!




  • Fri 13th Dec

    Christmas Jumper Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 13th December

    Thank you to everyone who came to school wearing a Christmas jumper today in support of Save the Children. As a school, we raised £133.50 for this worthy cause!

  • Thu 12th Dec

    Thursday 12th December (Harry Sharp)

    On Friday 5th December. 30 lucky students of year 6 took part at the athletics festival in the one leisure. We were split into two teams Westfield one and Westfield 2. We were against Thorndown and Houghton. There were 7 activities which we all took part in and were scored on. In the end we came 2nd and 3rd. 

    We would like to thank Mr Fenton for taking us.


  • Thu 12th Dec

    Thursday 12th December (Ebonie Walrond)

    On Wednesday the 11th of December , Westfields girls A team played in a futsal tournament at Ernulf. 
    We played five teams in total, playing well in all. Here are the results. Westfield 7 Croshall nil. Westfield 5 Houghton 1. Westfield 10 St Helen's nil. Westfield 7 Thorndown nil. Westfield 4 Bushmead nil. Overall our team played well, and did great passing and defending. The other teams were great sports people . We would like to thank Mr.Webb and Mr.Austin for coaching us and please may the team come and collect their certificates. 


  • Thu 12th Dec

    English Challenge Report (Joseph Schofield)

    Wednesday 4th December held an exciting experience for 4 year 6's. The first round was the relay round, where you had to answer questions on different sheets. You had to answer one sheet at a time and then hand it in to  We think we did well as we managed to complete most of the questions.

    The second round was the team round, where we had to use our knowledge of reading and English. We thought we performed pretty well in that round as we knew most of the answers.

    The third and final round was the cathedral round, where we had to look around the cathedral to find clues to the questions on a sheet. This round was extremely hard as you were not allowed to take the questions around with you and consequently you had to remember the answers to the questions.

    When we had finished that difficult round we gathered in the Lady Chapel and had a few snacks. Soon after, the results were announced and we came 4th and we were 5 points away from being 1st. Thank you to Mr Fryer for supporting us. 

  • Thu 5th Dec

    English Competition (Mr White)

    Nadia, Luke, Joe and Erin went to Ely Cathedral yesterday to represent Westfield in the English Challenge final.

    We’re very proud to say that they came fourth out of the 23 teams in the final. Only 5 points separated first place from fourth: it was very close!

  • Tue 3rd Dec

    Girls A team football report (Ebonie Walrond)

    On Monday the 2nd of December, Westfields girls A team played a match against Alconbury.

    In the first half our team played well with Kamea, Matilda and Ebonie scoring. But unfortunately we conceded 1 goal during the same half. Ella and Georgia did some great defending as well.

    During the beginning of the second half everybody made some great tackles and Alisa and Zara made some good passes. After that, Aimee scored but we conceded once again.

    Finally, Fallyn scored. In the end we won 5-2. We would like to thank Mr Webb and Mr Austin for coaching us. Congratulations to everyone in the team.

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  • Thu 28th Nov

    Girls A Team Football Report (Fallyn Schuetz)

    On Tuesday the 26th of November, Westfield Girls A team played a tournament at Witchford Village College. We played 6 group games and here at the scores . Our first game was Fordham which was 2-1 to them with Fallyn scoring. We won 5-0 against Wetherals B team with Lottie and Kamea scoring a great goal. We won 5-0 again against Robbert Arkinsaw B team with Ebonie and Aimee scoring good goals. We won 3-0 against Wetherals A with Matilda scoring a fanatic goal. Robbert Arkinsaw A was our next game and luckily Matilda made it 1-1 scoring a last minute goal. We played Rackham next with Fallyn scoring her 7th goal of the tournament.

    We thought we were going to be 3rd but we were in the finials against Fordham. Matilda scored in the first 30 seconds of the match but we conceded 1 goal so it went to penalties. Sadly we lost on penalties. We would like to thank Mr .Webb and Mr. Austin for coaching us. (Written by FS)

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