• Thu 16th Jun

    Sports Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 16th June

    Congratulations to Cedar, who are the winners of the 2022 Sports Day! Well done to all the children for their great sportsmanship and participation! A huge thank you to all the governors, staff, parents and year six helpers who made the day run so smoothly. 


  • Wed 15th Jun

    Scarborough Residential 2022 (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Wednesday 15th June 2022

    Last week, our Year 6 pupils enjoyed their first chance for a Westfield residential trip and had an amazing week in Scarborough. The children were superbly behaved and had a fantastic time. Today, they presented an assembly to parents about their time away. Some of the photos from the time away can be seen in this video, and year 6 pupils can log in to their learning platform account to access photos to download.

  • Thu 26th May

    Westfield's Jubilee Celebration Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 26th May

    The children at Westfield ended a day of Jubilee related activities with a Colour Run, organised by the WSA. The just giving link is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/westfield-junior-school-colourrun for anyone who would still like to contribute.

  • Mon 23rd May

    Monday 23rd May (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    Eco Explorers News:

    Today Eco Explorers were pleased to invite Sara Hennessy from The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northhamptonshire, to talk to the school about 30 Days Wild. 30 Days Wild is a fabulous initiative that invites everyone to get out and enjoy the nature around them. The idea is to go out every day throughout June and do one 'wild' thing. It can be anything, as long as it has a connection with the natural world. For more details: https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/30dayswild.

  • Fri 6th May

    Year 4 Caythorpe Residential Trip (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    For the first time since 2019, we were able to hold a residential trip. Year 4 had three action-packed days at Caythorpe and it's not really possible to try to squeeze all that action into less than 60 seconds but here's an attempt...



    There will be a presentation to parents coming up later this term to share more Caythorpe. The children were amazing and challenged themselves in so many ways. They behaved brilliantly and parents should be really proud of them during their time away. 

    Year 4 parents can access more photos and video clips to keep through this link. (Year 4 pupil learning platform login required)  

  • Mon 28th Mar

    WSA Easter Egg Competition (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 28th March

    Congratulations to the winners of the WSA Easter Egg decorating competition: Millie in 6CF, Florence and Matilda in 6SD and Mia in 5HJ for their eggscelent entries



    Well done to the other entrants, who each also received a prize.



  • Tue 22nd Mar

    Tuesday 22nd March (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    The Eco Explorers have been planting again! This time they have planted 5 native apple trees in the grassy area just beyond the pond. The trees were donated by Orchards for Schools  which is funded by The Tree Council so that in a few years time Westfield will have a productive orchard. The trees will also form part of the Queen's Green Canopy initiative which has seen hundreds of trees planted across the counrty in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The Eco Explorers were photographed by the Hunts Post and an article about the tree planting has been posted on The Hunts Post's website: https://www.huntspost.co.uk/news/education/st-ives-pupils-plant-an-orchard-8773298 



  • Fri 18th Mar

    Red Nose Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 18th March

    The children and staff at Westfield showed their support for this years' Comic Relief Red Nose Day by wearing wacky clothes and wacky hair. It was amazing to see so many creative outfits and a real pleasure to be able to take a whole school photo at the end of the first class assembly in over two years. Thank you to everyone for their support...as a school we raised £411 for this very worthy cause.



  • Fri 4th Mar

    Flag Football Mini Tournament (Megan Hudson)

    Westfield's Flag Football team participated in a mini tournament on Tuesday 1st March at Westfield Junior School. There were three other teams. Little Paxton brought two teams and Houghton brought one. Our first match was against one of the Little Paxton teams. It was a rocky start as the ball flew from the centre but the quarterback missed it so the the running back, Aidan, managed to catch it run all the way to the end of the field and score the first touchdown of the game. We missed the conversion leaving the game 6 nil to us. Little Paxton scored a touchdown making the game 6 all. We scored two more touchdowns, all having  missed conversions making the score 18 - 6. The opposing team came back scoring another touchdown, leaving the score at the end of the game 18 - 12 to us. The next game was against the 2nd of Little Paxton teams. We started off well,scoring a great touchdown, but missing the conversion. We defended really well with tags all over the pitch, but sadly they managed to score a touchdown. Our defence played extremely hard. Sprinting to the end and scoring our 2nd touchdown of the game. We then scored a conversion of 2 points. This marked the end of the game, with the final score being 14-6 to us. Our final game was against Houghton, a well known team who three years ago went to Florida to play. The game started well as we were playing as the offensive team. We played hard, scoring an amazing touchdown, but sadly missing the conversion. Our defensive were ferocious, but Houghton's running managed to get through, making it 6 all. With seconds left, they scored another one point conversion. The game ended 6 - 7 to them.

    Overall, we came second place. Thank you to Mr Fenton for coaching, and well done to: Aidan, Megan, Cara, Amelia, Maddy, Louis, Joseph, Abu-Bakr, Zayd and Jack. Please may this team stand up.

  • Thu 3rd Mar

    World Book Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 3rd March


    The children and staff at Westfield enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters...there were some fantastic outfits, including a large number of Hogwarts students. It was wonderful to be able to gather together as a school again!

Eco Explorers Book Swap
Eco Explorers Pond Area
  • Fri 11th Mar

    Friday 11th March (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    It may seem like a load of old logs to you - but as it decays, this pile of logs  will become home to a huge variety of invertebrates. The logs (donated by St Ives Town Council) have been  carefully stacked in the pond area. As the logs decompose, invertebrates will eat, rest and live in the rotting wood which in turn will encourage other animals and birds to take up residence. 

Eco Explorers Tree Planting
  • Sat 5th Mar

    Saturday 5th March (Mrs Carder 4MC)

    Eco Explorers supported Groundworks East plant over 50 native saplings at Hill Rise Park. The trees will form a natural corridor between the two wooded areas that buffer the park. Despite the rain and th cold, a good time was had by all. Eco Explorers are proud to know that the trees they have planted will have a long lasting impact on the environment and everyone that uses the park.

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