School Uniform

School Uniform - buy new or second hand, online or in store

Brand new school uniform can conveniently be purchased online. It can then be delivered to school and can be collected from the school office (or sent home with your child), or alternatively if you prefer you can collect it from the Green School Shop at 7 Cromwell Mews, St Ives.  The delivery address will initially show as the billing address but you will have the chance to choose either of these free options in the Shipping section of the checkout process.

Please visit the website to order your uniform.

You can also visit the Green School Shop to order uniform in person. In addition to buying new, excellent quality second hand uniform is also available to purchase from the GreenSchool Shop in town at 7 Cromwell Mews. Visit their website for details of opening hours.
  We regret that orders cannot be taken in person at the school office so if you can't purchase online please visit one of these local retailers.