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  • Eid Mubarak! (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Sunday 24th May 2020

    Wishing all our families who celebrate a happy Eid today.


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    Accelerated Reader (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 21st May

    Congratulations to the following new word millionaires:

    Izzy (3NS), who has read 1,283,260 words!

    Dougie (6FB), who has read 1,028,394 words!


    Congratulations also to our new double word millionaires:

    Esme (4MC), with a word count of 2,190,941!

    Freddie (4MC), with a word count of 2,069,877!


    We also have a new triple word millionaire...

    Congratulations to Lottie (6FB), who has read 3,000,675 words!


    Finally, well done to 4SD who have worked together to achieve their PLATINUM reading certificate, with a combined total of over 8 million words!


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    This week's assembly (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Thursday21st May 2020.

    It's that time again already. Here is our latest virtual assembly for this week.

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    Friday 15th May (MissDew)

    Take a look at the pointillism paintings created by the children in school today. The images are made of dots but when the page is held at a distance, the dots form a picture.




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    This week's assembly (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Thursday 14th May 2020

    Here is our latest virtual school assembly.

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    Accelerated Reader (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 14th May

    Congratulations to Emillia (6CF) for reading 1,224,064 words and gaining her word millionaire status!


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    Let's keep sharing our learning (westfield Admin)

    Posted Tuesday 12th May

    Lots of our amazing pupils have been sharing photos and videos of their learning with each other - and many of you have said you really enjoy seeing each other. So let's get sharing! Mr Wilkinson has had quite a few enquiries from pupils and parents about being able to share photos with each other, and lots of you have said how much you'd really like being able to see more photos and videos of your friends - so let's make it happen. 
    A few of us seem to have forgotten all that stuff Mr Wilkinson keeps going on about in computing lessons about how to share your files, so this handy little video might just remind you (and perhaps show some of you a few things you didn't know). 
    Your online storage space is unlimited, so you really can upload as much as you like - including videos and not just photos.


    You can save your stuff privately just for you to see, email it to a friend, or use the publish option to share with your class, your year group or the whole school - the choice is always yours (and no one should ever make you share something you don't want to share - see our #consent page for more information) but when it's done right, sharing is great fun for everyone.  #sharewithcare
    If you get stuck, you can email Mr Wilkinson from your learning platform account.


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    Assembly for Thursday 7th May (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Thursday 7th May 2020.

    Here is our latest online whole school assembly.



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    Enjoying the sunshine! (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 6th May 2020

    This morning we have had fun doing some circuits in the sunshine.













































    We really enjoyed the great weather. We hope everyone else was able to get out in the sunshine for a bit too!

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    Thinking about 75th anniversary of VE day (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 6th May

    In school we have been thinking about VE day and the celebrations which will take place on Friday. We have made some posters which say "To those who gave so much, we thank you." 


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  • How to mark a task as finished once you have completed it (Mr Webb)


    Hello! Some children have been finding it tricky to mark a task as complete on the Learning platform.

    There are a few ways, depending on what the task has asked you to do.

    First of all, log into your Learning Platform account.


    On your ‘Things To Do’ tab, you should see all of the tasks that you have not yet marked as completed.

    Click on the task and it will take you to more detail, links etc. telling you what we would like you to do.


    For some of the tasks, we are not expecting a written outcome and you will be able to mark it as finished by clicking a button

    For others, we might ask you to upload a file to show us what you have been doing. This might be a word document with some writing, a picture of some writing or drawing, or maybe a photo of your project or you completing it.

    For this, open the task in the same way, scroll to the bottom of the task and click the ‘upload button’.

    Click on the file you want to upload and the task will disappear. It is now complete!


    Your teacher will be able to see that your work is complete, as well as be able to access the document that you uploaded.

    Once your teacher has received your work, they will acknowledge it. You will see this as a notification.

    I hope this helps! Let your teacher know if you are still struggling!

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    Accelerated Reader (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 1st May

    Congratulations this week to our new word millionaires...

    Freya (4LB), with a word count of 1,112,192

    Oliver W (4SD), with a word count of 1,025,118

    Arthur (6CF), with a word count of 1,047,680

    Oliver D (5AJ), with a word count of 1,043,218


    and to Luke (6KH) who has read 2,032,425 to achieve the status of double word millionaire!


    Congratulations also to 3JT and 5MW who have each gained their PLATINUM certificates for reading over 4 million and 15 million words respectively.

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