Westfield Blog
  • Hamerton Zoo (Mr Webb)

    As part of their Science topic on Animals and their Habibtats and their English topic on non-fiction writing, year four visited Hamerton Zoo Park on Wednesday. They had a fantastic time, spending their time looking at the wide range of different habitats that the zoo provides for the animals as well as looking at some high quality non-fiction text to feed into their writing this week. The children had an amazing time and their behaviour was a real credit to the school. 

  • Coding in Physical Computing (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Monday 20th November 2023

    Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring and controlling a physical system in their computing lessons this half term, using a programmable controller called a Crumble. Using conditional selection we have been looking at how to program a light to behave like a traffic light - which stays green until a button is pressed, then turns red so we can cross the road, and then back to green. The code required to do this can be seen here, along with a short video showing the outcome. Once we have learnt our way around how Crumble controllers work, we are looking forward to using them to make some exciting fairground rides next term!