Teacher&Class Video Calls!

Teacher and Class Video Calls - how it works

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1. Make sure you've got permission!

Your parent/carer at home needs to decide if you're allowed to be involved in a video call with your teacher and some of your class.

They will have been sent an email and they need to reply to it, giving their permission and saying when they would like the call to take place.

We know lots of families are trying to share the same screen at the moment, and parents are working from home too, so each class has got three different times that parents can choose from.


2. Know the date and time of your call!

It is really important that you know the date and time of your call with your teacher.

You need to be logged in at the right time. If you're not, you will miss your teacher trying to call you.

You can't call them - they have to call you. If you're not logged in, you won't get the call!

3. Get to the right place to be ready for your call

We're using a system called TEAMS made by Microsoft to hold these video calls. It is possible that someone else in your family uses this system too - but don't worry if you've never heard of it.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you will need to ask a grown up to download the MICROSOFT TEAMS app from the usual app store. It is a free download. 

If you are on a laptop or computer, you can access Microsoft Teams from office.com and clicking on the Teams app or by going straight to the website teams.office.com - although the desktop app may perform better on your device.

(if you are using an iphone or ipad and have Safari as your browser, you will probably find you need to install the teams app) 

4. Know how to log in

You need to log in using your Microsoft Office 365 for Education account, which is similar to your learning platform account. The username just has @westfieldjnr.education added to the end and password is the same.

Username: learningplatformusername@westfieldjnr.education
Password: (the same as your learning platform password)



5. Wait for your teacher to call!

Once in Teams, you may have a screen something like the blank looking purple one on the left side of the screen underneath the Office 365 logo. Just wait for a call to "pop up" in front of you.

You might see a box that says "enter a code to join a team" or something similar - ignore this box and don't worry about it.

If it's the right day and the right time, a call should hopefully appear on the screen. Click on ACCEPT and you're in the call!

During the call, look out for the "Raise your hand" option on your meeting toolbar, which will be in the screen during the meeting. 

This lets your teacher know you want to say something.

You can also turn your microphone or camera off if you need to.

Your teacher might also mute you to help everyone hear the person that's talking at the moment.

Enjoy the chat and wave to all your friends. 


Please don't panic if for some reason it doesn't work or you can't get through. We will try again with another date and time. This is new for everyone and usually we'd spend lots of time getting things tested and checked thoroughly, and you'd have a test go at school first. If something doesn't work this time, don't get too upset about it - we will get the problems sorted and try again soon. Make sure your parents/carers know what went wrong, and you can always email Mr Wilkinson with any questions.