• Fri 15th Jan

    Our first ever live streamed assembly! (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Friday 15th January 2021

    Last year saw Westfield history as we published our first very assembly via video onto our website.
    Today, embracing technology even further we live streamed our first assembly on the internet via Microsoft 365 so children at home and in school could all join in together at the same time for a live real-time assembly, including the involvement of teachers both in school and at home.

    In case you missed this piece of history, you can watch a recording of our first live-streamed assembly through your Microsoft 365 account. If you're logged in it will appear in the box below, if not follow the instructions to log in. This assembly can only be viewed by anyone with a Westfield Junior School Microsoft 365 account. (If the below box is struggling to load or let you log in, try this link)


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  • Tue 12th Jan

    Pickatale Online Library (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Tuesday 12th January 2021

    We're working hard to try to ensure you have access to as much as possible whilst school is closed, and we know lots of you are really missing the school library at the moment and are desperate to choose a new reading book. We're trying to find as many online resources as we can and share them with you in order to complete work, but nothing really beats a library you can walk around.

    If you've got an Android or Apple device at home (it could be a phone or tablet) you can ask a grown up to download the Pickatale For Schools app - and using your existing learning platform username and password you can sign in to a library of hundreds of books to read on your device. Hopefully you'll find something to read!
    When downloading the app, make sure you choose Pickatale FOR SCHOOLS (with the blue parrot) to get the right app!



  • Sun 10th Jan

    Home Learning: A quick video for parents (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Sunday 10th January 2020

    We would like the thank the many parents that with virtually no notice have managed to navigate log ins, downloading apps, working their way round unfamiliar devices and whatever else has been required in the past few days to help their children to navigate home learning - often with more than one child whilst also simulateously working from home - again!

    If you're having any technical issues please make sure you have been in touch with us - we are doing our absolute best to help as quickly as we can. Here's a quick message from our computing co-ordinator, Mr Wilkinson, that will hopefully reassure you that we are all doing our best.


  • Mon 4th Jan

    National Lockdown: 5th January 2021 (Mr Fryer-Bovair 6FB)

    In line with county guidance, Westfield will be closed to all children tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January. We will reopen for the children of critical workers, and vulnerable pupils, on Wednesday 6th January. 

    Remote learning will be in place for all pupils from Wednesday 6th January. An email has been sent to you all which contains details of how to let us know whether you fall into the 'critical worker' category and so will need your child to attend school. 


  • Fri 18th Dec

    'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Friday 18th December 2020

    We're not able to bring you any big performances or concerts at the moment, but not wanting to miss out completely, the pupils and staff of Westfield Junior School proudly present our unique rendition of Clement Clarke Moore's poem 'Twas The Night Before Christmas... Be on the lookout for a mouse, Mr Austin's Christmas hat, footballs up sweatshirts, some dancing from Year 4 teachers, lots of Christmas jumpers and the very observant may spot Mrs Marson from the office...  



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  • Thu 17th Dec

    St Ives Snowman competition (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 17th December

    We have received some wonderfully creative entries for this year's virtual St Ives Snowman competition.

    Thank you to the following children for your amazing efforts:

    Abinha, Alfie, Arda, Dorota and Jessica in 3NS, Adam, Alex, Daniel, Henley, Rayyan and Zoey in 3JT, Ella, Imogen, Prachi, Sam and Scarlett in 3FW.

    Austin, Isaac and Mia in 4MC, Benyameen, Edie and Patrick in 4SD, Frankie, Milly and Sam in 4LB.

    Amelia, Michelle and Olivia in 5DE, Archie in 5AJ, Ben and Robin in 5MW.

    Ben, Cathy and Yusuf in 6KH, Harry, Marco, Milly and Riley in 6FB, Joe, Niamh and Zara in 6CF












  • Mon 14th Dec

    Christmas Performance 2020 (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Monday 14th December 2020

    It might not be the kind of performance any of us were planning for this year, but not to be beaten by the current restrictions, coming soon will be our unqiue Christmas Performance of 2020! It  will be published right here on the school website later this week. Here's a sneak preview....


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  • Mon 7th Dec

    Year 6 Maya Games (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 7th December

    As part of their topic on the Mayas, the children in year 6 had a go playing the Maya game of Ulama, also known as Pok ta Pok. Unlike other ball games they have played, they are not allowed to use their arms or legs, but only their hips and they found it quite challenging.



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  • Thu 3rd Dec

    Year 6 Evolution Experiment (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday,, 3rd December

    Last week, the children in year 6 took part in an experiment to find out how animals adapt to their environment in order to improve their chances of survival.  Each of the classes looked for 'caterpillars' of various colours and kept a tally of their findings. Back in class, they discussed which colour or colours the caterpillars would likely to be in the future. The undiscovered 'caterpillars' were left for birds to use in nest building.


  • Wed 2nd Dec

    Acts of Kindness for Advent (Mr Wilkinson Computing Teacher)

    Posted Wednesday 2nd December 2020
    This year, the school council have decided that every class should use our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar to help spread lots of kindness around this December. It is on display in every classroom, and there's an online version on the website too so we can open each day of the calendar at home.  

    Why not share some of your acts of kindness in our school discussion forum - it might help give some other people ideas of what they could do!

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