• Tue 17th Jul

    Charity Cake Sale (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Tuesday, 17th July

    Well done to Iris Warriner and Charlotte Hird for their amazing efforts raising a total of £147.52 for the brain tumour charity by holding a bake sale on Friday 13th July.


  • Fri 13th Jul

    Urban Strides (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday 13th July

    The children and staff at Westfield were lucky enough to enjoy sessions with Andy from Urban Strides today. The day consisted of an introductory assembly (focussing on resilience as well as accepting and being adaptable to challenges) and a dance session with each year group.




  • Mon 9th Jul

    Kwik Cricket (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted on Monday 9th July 2018

    Congratulations to the Year 4 cricket team. They performed wonderfully well in very hot conditions at the County Finals on Friday 6th July at Orton Park Cricket Club, Peterborough.

    Westfield won all of their 3 group games and so reached the final. This game they narrowly lost to The Beeches School. A fantastic effort by all the team. Very well done!











  • Wed 4th Jul

    Wicken Fen (Miss Bray)

    Year 4 have had an amazing day at Wicken Fen - pond dipping, minibeast hunting and geocaching...







  • Wed 27th Jun

    Kwik Cricket Report (Badcock Jorja)

    Posted on Wednesday 27th June 2018

    On Friday 22nd of June Westfield A team played in the girls county final cricket tournament. We played really well in the first match against the Beeches School and drew in our second match we played even better. We came up against Winsgate and won by a considerable amount. We were top of the league on points. In the semi finals we played Little Paxton and won the match that meant we were through to the final. In the final we played Houghton and lost but that meant we came second in the whole of Cambridgeshire! Written by JB






  • Fri 15th Jun

    Stop Plastic pollution videos - 4LB (Miss Bray)

    Year 4 have been looking at persuasive texts. First, we watched the Blue Planet video about the problem of plastic in our oceans and decided to make videos to tell people how they can help. Next, we learned about the features of persuasive texts, such as persuasive and emotive language, powerful images and rhetorical questions. Then we researched facts about plastic pollution and ways that people can help. Finally we used the ipads to create iMovie videos to persuade people to help. Here are the videos from 4LB.



  • Wed 23rd May

    Wednesday 23rd May (Miss Bray)

    Year 4 have had a fun International day learning about South Africa, France and the USA.

    Here are some of their African masks that they designed.



  • Wed 23rd May

    International Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Wednesday, 23rd May

    The children at Westfield have been enjoying their annual international day today. The classes were mixed up within the upper/lower school to rotate round various cultural activities. The upper school children have been "visiting" Japan, Iran, Germany, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Guatemala, while the children in lower school have been enjoying activities from South Africa, France, Australia, Italy, Brazil and USA (Native American).

  • Fri 11th May

    Ducklings released (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Friday 11th May 2018

    The ducklings and their mother have now been safely released into the river. 

    Catching them all took a while, but eventually mother and ducklings were released down by All Saints Church at the end of the Thicket footpath.

    As you can see from the video, mum headed straight for the water but it took the ducklings a little bit of time to pop out, but were soon swimming with mum.

    Thank you to everyone involved in looking after our ducklings whilst they were with us, and in their safe transportation to the river.



  • Tue 8th May

    Ducks (Mrs Roberts)

    Our annual visitor has returned to the courtyard and there was much excitement this morning when we arrived to find her ducklings had hatched. This year she leaves with 15 offspring. Mum and babies are being returned to the river soon. (Mrs Roberts)



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