• Fri 9th Feb

    Year 5's Anglo Saxon adventures (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 9th February

    Year 5 have had an exciting week leading up to half term. On Monday, they went to visit the Anglo Saxon village at West Stow. They were able to explore the recreated houses as well as the museum.



    On Tuesday, they enjoyed a visit from Gripping History. There were a variety of Anglo Saxon and Viking related activities, including rune writing, planning a Viking voyage and acting as archeologists to explore a "grave."  In the afternoon, after looking at some Viking style weapons, they had a mock battle on the playground.




  • Tue 6th Feb

    Safer Internet Day 2018 (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Tuesday 6th February 2018
    Today is Safer Internet Day. In many of our computing lessons this week we have been looking at the consequences of photo sharing, both positive and negative. Many classes have seen just how easy it is for photos to be copied and shared without even realising other people could see them. After taking a fun selfie on an ipad, some classes discovered that photo could seemingly "magically" appear on every other ipad in the room - and even the teacher's computer - without realising we'd shared it.
    How would your children respond to these comments online ?
    You only use filters because you're ugly.
    Why do you even bother playing? You're useless.
    Please don't share my selfie!

    Why not watch this video with your child to see if they agree with the children in the video.


  • Wed 17th Jan

    Palaeolab (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 17th January 2018

    Year 6 have been enjoying a visit from Palaeolab today. View more photos by clicking here.

  • Mon 15th Jan

    Year 4 Eqyptian Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 15th January

    Year 4 children and staff enjoyed a visit from History Off The Page today, who presented them with an interactive Egyptian Day,. The children were able to take part in a variety of activities throughout the morning. These activities included making canopic jars, writing in hieroglyphics, creating amulets, making wax combs and wrapping mummies. In the afternoon, the children presented a variety of entertainment for the Pharoah and his Queen as well as enjoying an Egyptian feast. Thank you to the helpers who came in to help make the day possible. The day was greatly enjoyed by all!




  • Mon 11th Dec

    Snow fun (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 11th December

    Westfield children enjoying the snow...



  • Fri 8th Dec

    Decorations Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Friday, 8th December



    Children and staff showed their Christmas spirit today by wearing a variety of jumpers and hats while enjoying a day making festive decorations.

  • Wed 29th Nov

    Ofsted Report Published (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 29th November 2017

    Ofsted, the school inspectorate, have now published their report from the visit they made to the school earlier this month. It has been sent out to all parents and has now been published on our website. 

    Click here to read the full report.




  • Mon 27th Nov

    Luke Temple author visit (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Monday, 27th November

    The children were entertained by author Luke Temple this afternoon when he came to share his latest series of books, Ghost Post, Doorway to Danger and The Ghost Lord Returns. As well as being introduced to the new characters, there was an opportunity for the children to act out some of the action from the books. They were left in suspense as to what would happen as each tale unfolded. An enjoyable afternoon for all!





  • Wed 22nd Nov

    Colchester castle (Miss Bray)

    Year 4 had an amazing day at Colchester Castle today, learning about the Romans. A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to come and help us. 

  • Tue 21st Nov

    Stibbington Evacuation Experience (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    Yesterday, Year Six went to Stibbington to experience what it was like to be evacuated. After arriving at the station from London, they walked to Stibbington village. On the way, some of the children were able to see the houses that they were billeted to. They then experienced a taste of school life, had the opportunity to do the laundry as it was done before the washing machine and even had to go down into the school shelter during an air raid. 

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