Closure Info

What happens if the school has to temporarily close at short notice?


Social Media:

Telephone: 01480 375005

Radio: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Our staff will always try their best to make sure the school is open for all pupils during term time. However, in exceptional circumstances if may become necessary to close the school. This may be if extreme weather prevents staff from being able to safely get to school, or if a mechanical failure develops within school and it is unsafe to remain open. Any decision to close is made based upon ensuring the safety of our pupils and staff. We fully appreciate the inconvenience and difficulties closing at short notice can cause.

We will aim to communicate with parents as quickly as possible to let you know if we have to close.

We will update our facebook page which can also be found on the latest news page of our school website as soon as any decision to close is made. This is simulatenously posted to our twitter feed. You do not need to be a member of any social media service to view our social media feeds, but if you are you may find subscribing to our posts a convenient way to stay updated. If you do use social media, sharing, re-posting or re-tweeting any closure message will help the message spread as quickly as possible to other parents - and it can also help to dispell inaccurate myths about closure that can spread quickly online. 

If social media feeds are blocked from your computer, or you would prefer not to view them, a text only RSS feed of our social media output can be seen here

A closure message will also be placed on our school telephone number as a recorded message - which can be heard by mulitple callers at the same time, so it shouldn't be the case that you get the engaged tone if someone else is calling at the same time. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a closure notice on social media, call the school office for confirmation.

Information will also be supplied to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire in the event of our closure.  

Whilst the county council do operate a school closure list on their website, past experience tells is that it is likely that it will be significantly slower for this site to be to updated than all the above methods as they may be dealing with many schools at the same time, so please check directly with us first.