Westfield Blog
  • West Stow (Miss Smith)

    On Tuesday, Year Five braved the cold and wet for their trip to West Stow. The morning consisted of an artefact handling activity and an exploration of the museum. There were many interesting items on show, particularly a replica of the helmet discovered in the Sutton Hoo burial. In the afternoon, we visited several reconstructions of Anglo-Saxon homes, which have been built based on evidence found by archaeologists. The children immersed themselves in the role of historians and discussed their findings with the adults, asking excellent questions to the resident expert, Stephanie. Despite the drizzly weather, the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating Anglo-Saxon life. A fantastic day!


  • Stop Frame Animation (Mr Wilkinson)

    In Compuiting lessons this half term, Year 3 have been exploring Stop Frame Animation and making objects like pencils and rulers come to life! We have learnt that in animations like The Snowman film and Wallace and Grommit there can be as many as 24 photos - called frames - in every second of film.

    Ask any of our Year 3 children what any of this has to do with onion skins and you'll find out about a useful Stop Frame technique!

    Here's a quick selection of some of our Stop Frame action...





  • Eco report (MaxSpeed1770)

    Eco Explorers would like to hold its THIRD BOOK SWAP. Holding a book swap is a brilliant way of recycling your book that you no longer enjoy reading and in return you get to take home "newish" book to read 

    The idea is simple.  

     From Monday 26th February you can bring in to school any book that have read (with your parent's permmison).LET YOUR TEACHER KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A BOOK TO SWAP. You can take  home a "new" book if you have donated a book before the event.

    please feel free to donate as many as you like BUT you will only be able to take away one book home in return. Any books that are not taken will go to the library for everyone to enjoy.   

    please make sure that the book you donate is a children's book and that it's in good condition - we won't be able to swap books that have been drawn in or defaced.

    If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs Carder or any of the Eco Committee.