Home Learning Resources for Year 5

Whilst school is fully re-open for all pupils, we understand that at the moment not all pupils are able to attend all the time and some may be at home due to illness, self-isolating or awaiting testing. This page gives details of the work for each year group which can be completed at home. Word documents can be printed or opened within your child's Microsoft Teams account, completed and emailed to the teacher.

This page contains a two week bank of work that can be started at any time when isolation begins. It is not expected to be completed if your child is off for less than two weeks or is too ill to work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Home Learning is not the same as Homework. This page is designed for access to the work we are doing in school for pupils unable to attend school, due to illness, self-isolation or awaiting testing/results. Homework is different and pupils will be advised of any homework tasks they are expected to undertake.

Year 5 Working at Home documents