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Our first ever live streamed assembly!

Our first ever live streamed assembly! (Mr Wilkinson)

Posted Friday 15th January 2021

Last year saw Westfield history as we published our first very assembly via video onto our website.
Today, embracing technology even further we live streamed our first assembly on the internet via Microsoft 365 so children at home and in school could all join in together at the same time for a live real-time assembly, including the involvement of teachers both in school and at home.

In case you missed this piece of history, you can watch a recording of our first live-streamed assembly through your Microsoft 365 account. If you're logged in it will appear in the box below, if not follow the instructions to log in. This assembly can only be viewed by anyone with a Westfield Junior School Microsoft 365 account. (If the below box is struggling to load or let you log in, try this link)


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