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St Ives Snowman competition

St Ives Snowman competition (Mrs Pollard)

Posted Thursday, 17th December

We have received some wonderfully creative entries for this year's virtual St Ives Snowman competition.

Thank you to the following children for your amazing efforts:

Abinha, Alfie, Arda, Dorota and Jessica in 3NS, Adam, Alex, Daniel, Henley, Rayyan and Zoey in 3JT, Ella, Imogen, Prachi, Sam and Scarlett in 3FW.

Austin, Isaac and Mia in 4MC, Benyameen, Edie and Patrick in 4SD, Frankie, Milly and Sam in 4LB.

Amelia, Michelle and Olivia in 5DE, Archie in 5AJ, Ben and Robin in 5MW.

Ben, Cathy and Yusuf in 6KH, Harry, Marco, Milly and Riley in 6FB, Joe, Niamh and Zara in 6CF