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Let's keep sharing our learning

Let's keep sharing our learning (westfield Admin)

Posted Tuesday 12th May

Lots of our amazing pupils have been sharing photos and videos of their learning with each other - and many of you have said you really enjoy seeing each other. So let's get sharing! Mr Wilkinson has had quite a few enquiries from pupils and parents about being able to share photos with each other, and lots of you have said how much you'd really like being able to see more photos and videos of your friends - so let's make it happen. 
A few of us seem to have forgotten all that stuff Mr Wilkinson keeps going on about in computing lessons about how to share your files, so this handy little video might just remind you (and perhaps show some of you a few things you didn't know). 
Your online storage space is unlimited, so you really can upload as much as you like - including videos and not just photos.


You can save your stuff privately just for you to see, email it to a friend, or use the publish option to share with your class, your year group or the whole school - the choice is always yours (and no one should ever make you share something you don't want to share - see our #consent page for more information) but when it's done right, sharing is great fun for everyone.  #sharewithcare
If you get stuck, you can email Mr Wilkinson from your learning platform account.


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