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  • Coding to make computer games! (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 27th March 2024

    In Year 6 we have been using variables in our computer coding to create computer games. Variables can be used to control many different things in a game, such as a score, a time limit, a number of lives, a difficulty level or even the player's name. A variable is a bit like a box that contains a specific piece of information, and that information can change for a specific reason, such as a goal being scored or a unit of time passing. 
    Why not try playing Don't Catch The Crab and see how you do! One variable adds up your score as you play and another variable counts down the time left. Just be sure not to catch the crab! You can explore all the coding for the game, and edit and change it yourself here on the scratch website.


  • World Book Day 2024 (Mr Fryer-Bovair)



    Wow, what a day! This video is the result of our whole-school James and The Giant Peach project. Can you spot your child's picture?

    Every child in school had a line from James and The Giant Peach to illustrate, and the result was a gallery almost 60 metres long that snaked its way around the school hall. We were bowled over by the effor the children put into their illustrations and by the enormous variety of creative ways in which they chose to illustrate their line. 

    Parents and carers came in to see the results at the end of the day, and our brilliant WSA organised a cake sale to raise funds to continue to develop and enrich opportunities for all the children. 

    A few photos from the day: