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  • Jules Howard visit (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    Posted Tuesday, 26th February

    Today, Year Six were very lucky to have a visit from author and presenter Jules Howard. Jules brought an amazing array of bones, skeletons and fossils in order to help us get our heads around our new topic: Evolution and Adaptation. 

    Mr Fenton had also been able to borrow boxes of shells, bones and teeth from the Zoology Museum at the University of Cambridge, which meant we were able to spend the whole day closely observing specimens, classifying organisms and thinking about how animals are adapted to suit their environments. 



  • Gardening Club (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Wednesday 13th February

    Year 4 Gardening Club have been busy enjoying making their own bird seed feeders.  They spent one session mixing a range of bird seeds with vegetarian lard and moulding the mixture into yoghurts pots with knotted string and then leaving to set in the fridge.

    The following week, the Gardening Club hung out the bird feeders on trees and holders to attract birds to eat their yummy treats. 

    A week later we have noticed lots of seeds have been eaten so we think the feeders have gone down a treat. smiley

    Thank you Year 4 Gardeners, Mrs Timmis and Mrs Ainscow


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  • Year 6 Stibbington Evacuation Day (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Thursday, 7th February


    On Monday, 4th February, the Year 6 children and staff travelled back in time to experience a day as a World War II evacuee. Each child was given the identity of a child who was actually sent to Stibbington early in the war. Upon arriving at Wansford Station, the children were met by a billeting officer who escorted them across the field to Stibbington village, pointing out the houses where the evacuated children stayed. The rest of the day was spent in a wartime school room, experiencing a day as a school child during the Blitz.


  • Parents - please watch this 38 second video (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Tuesday 5th February 2019
    This Safer Internet Day, we've made a really short video for all parents to watch.
    Computing lessons this week have been dedicated to looking at the issue of consent. Your child would like you to watch this short video before you post anything about them on social media. Getting stuff right online isn't always easy but we've been learning about the importance of getting permission before sharing a video or photo of someone else. You can find out more by visiting the #consent page on our website.


    This video is also available to watch and share on Facebook and Twitter.