Westfield Blog
  • Easter Egg Competition Winners (Mrs Pollard)

    Posted Tuesday, 28th March

    Congratulations to the 'egg'cellent winners of the Easter Egg decoration competition: Hareem in 3CD, Miles in 4JT, Ella in 5EH and Isla in 6AF. 





    Well done to everyone who entered; there were many wonderful, creative designs!

  • Our 24 Hour Reads (Mr Wilkinson)

    Posted Monday 27th March 2023
    As part of our ongoing Reading for Pleasure project, pupils were asked to complete a 24 hour read activity as a whole school homework. Anything counted as long as it involved reading! Here is a selection of what the pupils came up with:

    If you need helo viewing any of these 24 hour reads slightly bigger, you can view them in a pdf file here.

  • Computing meets DT: Our Fairground Rides (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    We are having a fabulous time in Year Six using Crumble to control our fairground rides. 

  • Painting in the style of Lowry (Mrs Mackenzie)

    Fantastic examples from Year 6 of acrylic  painting in the style of Lowry....well done everyone!!