Sharepoint TEAMS

STAFF ONLY: Activating Sharepoint Teams synchronisation on your Windows 10 computer.

Make sure you have logged in to Sharepoint through your browser first. Click here to see if you are logged in. If you see a group of Office 365 apps on the Microsoft portal you are logged in, use the back button to get back here. If not, you'll be prompted to log in.

Now you can click on the appropriate link for each team you wish to sync to your computer. You can only sync the teams you have permission to access. All teaching staff have access to all planning teams. Please let Mr Wilkinson know if you cannot access a team that you should be able to.

Year 3 Planning

Year 4 Planning

Year 5 Planning

Year 6 Planning

All Staff

Teachers only

Teachers and TAs only

TAs only

Governors only


Staff and Governors