Isle of Wight Blog
  • Friday 26th May (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    ETA 6.30-6.45: please keep an eye on the Facebook page. M25 strikes again! 

  • Friday 26th May (Website)

    Due to Friday traffic, children are now due to return at 5.30pm today.  We will inform you if this changes.

  • Friday 26th May (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    We are currently waiting for the ferry in the coach and will soon be having our lunch. This morning we had a walk around the area near the hotel, we then next hopped on the coach and our destination was Shanklin Chine. We had a wonderful walk around a river and learnt interesting facts about a waterfall, we then decided to walk up to the beach for the last time and took some group photos . We had a great time on the last day although now we are looking forward to being at home. 
    Juliana and Jazleen

  • Thursday 25th May (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    Another wonderful day! It was a bit cloudy first thing but it soon burned through. The aqua park at Tapnell farm was amazing (although the experience of witnessing 50 children try to get into wetsuits is one we won't soon forget!) and the children who didn't do the water activities had a great time too. They enjoyed go karts, a toboggan, bouncy pillow and football target shooting. We then made our way to blackgang chine for the afternoon. We're now on the coach on our way back to the hotel where we've got burgers, lasagne or tuna salad to look forward to before the disco. It's a glorious evening so we'll also have the garden open for those who are all danced out. Lots of packing to do first! The children have been so amazing - we've been really impressed.

  • Wednesday 24th May (Isle of Wight Blog Update)

    Back at the hotel now - half an hour until dinner and then we'll be back off down to the beach for our sand art competition. Looking forward to mushroom soup then fish fingers, roast chicken, ham salad or veggie nuggets followed by trifle, jelly or ice cream for pud! Lots of children choosing today to take on new challenges and try things they thought they couldn't do - loads of amazing life learning going on!

  • Wednesday 24th May (Mr Fryer-Bovair)

    Another fabulous day. Beautiful weather for the boat trip this morning and some lovely comments from members of the public on the children's great manners. We're now at Robin Hill enjoying the toboggan, Jungle Heights and Colossus. Later, we'll go back to the beach for a sand art competition, and perhaps try to get a little less splashed; some of us learned some important lessons last night about taking a towel and a warm top! 
    Sorry  for the lack of post yesterday evening - a lot going on until very late at night, as I'm sure you can all imagine! 

    We've been unbelievably lucky with the weather - we hope it's nice at home too. 
    Mr Fryer 

  • Tuesday 23rd May (Isle of Wight Blog Update)

    Glorious, glorious weather this morning. We're currently down at the beach at the north end of sandown ready to head down to look for fossils. A very decent night's sleep and we continue to be really impressed by the children's behaviour. 

  • Monday 22nd May (Isle of Wight Blog Update)

    Good evening(!) 

    A fabulous day - we have been so impressed by the children. Brilliant fun on the beach, a lovely dinner and then crazy golf. We're off to Dinosaur Isle to look for fossils in the morning. 
    Mr Fryer 

  • Monday 22nd May (Isle of Wight Blog Update)

    Hi All,

    Just driving off the ferry as I type. The children have been fabulous on the coach and on the ferry. Off to the beach now for a couple of hours, where we'll find out our rooms and activity groups.

    Mr Fryer