Laches Wood 2022 Blog
  • Journey Update (Laches Wood Blog)

    The driver estimates we should be back at school at 4pm as expected.

  • Friday 6th May (Laches Wood Blog)

    Following our final activities, we have departed Laches Wood! Can't believe how quickly the time has flown. The children have come away with a huge sense of pride after all their accomplishments. 

  • Thursday 5th May (Laches Wood Blog)

    Another day complete! A few children missing home but thrilled with their purchases from the souvenir shop. Safe to say we are all a little tired and in need of a good night's sleep before our final morning of activities!

  • Thursday 5th May (Laches Wood Blog)

    The sunshine has arrived! A morning of survival skills in the deep wood, scaling a wall like Spider-Man and canoeing down the serene river. The children are absolutely loving every moment. We can't wait for our next activity after lunch! 

  • A jam-packed first day! (Laches Wood Blog)

    Wow! What a way to start our trip! We've tackled some of our biggest fears already (including Miss Smith's fear of heights!), eaten a delicious roast dinner, enjoyed stories around a campfire and warmed up with a hot chocolate before bed. The children are tucked up, ready for an eventful day tomorrow! 

  • We’re here! (Laches Wood Blog)

    We have arrived safely at Laches Wood! We've dropped our bags at our rooms and getting ready for lunch! Looking forward to our afternoon activities! 

  • Tuesday 3rd May (Laches Wood Blog)

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone at school tomorrow morning at 8.15am for a prompt departure to Laches Wood. Get a good night's sleep!