Laches Wood Blog
  • Friday (Laches Wood)

    After a fun-packed morning of our final activities, the children are eating their lunch.


  • Thursday (Laches Wood)

    After an amazing day at the Think Tank museum, the children have just come in from singing songs around the bonfire. They are now enjoying their evening hot chocolate.

    Please look in the Mixed Photos section for photos as the children were not in their normal groups at the Think Tank.


  • Wednesday evening (Laches Wood)

    The children have had some great afternoon and evening activities and a delicious dinner.

    We have just finished our hot chocolate and washed our mugs up.

    The children are now getting ready for bed.

  • Wednesday morning (Laches Wood)

    Our morning activities are completed. We are currently tucking into our lunch!

  • Wednesday morning (Laches Wood)

    We have had our breakfasts and our second room inspection (very impressive with one room scoring 12!). Now off to our first activity,

  • A lovely day (Laches Wood)

    We have had a lovely afternoon! 

    After lunch, we went to our first activities and had a great time.

    We ate our dinner then had some free time and visited the tuck shop.

    The children then did their chores and are now completing the ‘number plate challenge’.

    Time for a room inspection...!


    Please look in the group tabs for photos.

  • We have arrived! (Laches Wood)

    We have safely arrived! The children have made their beds with varying degrees of success and are now having a briefing and tour.

  • On our way.... (Laches Wood)