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Monday 10th February

Monday 10th February (Mrs Carder)

On Wednesday 5th February,  we (Lillyane, Maddy, Alicia and Megan), interviewed the Westfield office staff. We asked them some pretty tough questions.

The ladies in the office recycle as much of their used paper as they can. Not only this, all the empty printer cartridges they/we use are returned to be refilled and reused.

At Eco Explorers, we are concerned about the amount of paper and plastic we use at school, so we asked the office. Their answers astonished us:

Each year the office order a massive 200,000 sheets of A4 paper. We use 3000 sheets of coolur paper and 12,500 sheets os A3. Year 3 seem to print the most from the photocopier.

Each term, the office order 200 pens for us to use. We know from our used pen collections that not all the pens that are thrown away are completely empty.

The office recieve many catalogues and will try to recycle these in future. They would really like staff and upils to be more considerate with the equipment they but for us. They would really like children to remember to replace lids on glue sticks properly so they don't dry out (we go through a LOT of glue sticks). They would also like pupils ro remember to replace their pen lids (on handwriting pens and felt tips) so they don't dry out too quickly and again, need to be replaced as often.

We think the office is doing an amazing job.

Thank you.

Lilyane, Maddy, Alicia and Megan