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    Friday 14th February (Mrs Carder)

    Leila (4SD) is the fabulous winner of our Eco Explorers poster competition. Well done Leila.

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  • Wednesday 12th February (Mrs Carder)

    Today we were very lucky to have a guest speaker in our assembly.

    Heidi Field is the Envirnomental Education and Promotion Officer for Huntingdon District Council. She came to speak to us about what should and shouldn't go into each of our bins and how we can help reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill sites.

    We watched an entertaining video about what happens to our recyled waste and Heidi answered any questions we had.

    Each of us now has a leaflet to help us decide which bin is the most appropriate for our waste products, so we and our families can do our bit to help the envirnoment.

    Thank you Heidi

    Eco Explorers


  • Monday 10th February (Mrs Carder)

    On Wednesday 5th February,  we (Lillyane, Maddy, Alicia and Megan), interviewed the Westfield office staff. We asked them some pretty tough questions.

    The ladies in the office recycle as much of their used paper as they can. Not only this, all the empty printer cartridges they/we use are returned to be refilled and reused.

    At Eco Explorers, we are concerned about the amount of paper and plastic we use at school, so we asked the office. Their answers astonished us:

    Each year the office order a massive 200,000 sheets of A4 paper. We use 3000 sheets of coolur paper and 12,500 sheets os A3. Year 3 seem to print the most from the photocopier.

    Each term, the office order 200 pens for us to use. We know from our used pen collections that not all the pens that are thrown away are completely empty.

    The office recieve many catalogues and will try to recycle these in future. They would really like staff and upils to be more considerate with the equipment they but for us. They would really like children to remember to replace lids on glue sticks properly so they don't dry out (we go through a LOT of glue sticks). They would also like pupils ro remember to replace their pen lids (on handwriting pens and felt tips) so they don't dry out too quickly and again, need to be replaced as often.

    We think the office is doing an amazing job.

    Thank you.

    Lilyane, Maddy, Alicia and Megan





  • Thursday 30th January (Mrs Carder)

    The Eco Explorers committtee met last Thursday to discuss an action plan to help us gain our Green Flag award. We would like all members of the Westfield community to work together to make our school a happy, healthy eco-friendly place to work and play. 

    Here are the things we would like to address in our Action Plan:

  • Thursday 30th January (Mrs Carder)

    Image result for competition time images

    Design a poster to advertise our Eco Explorers Clean-Up Day

    You need to include the following details:

    Saturday 4th April 2020
    9am – 1pm

    *a day to help tidy up the grounds
    *plant seeds and seedlings
    *clean up the pond are                                                                                                                                          *build/repair the bug hotels                                                                                                                                              *meet and make new friends

    All entries need to be handed in to any member of the Eco Explores Committee by Thursday 13th February and the winning design will be announced in Friday’s Sharing Assembly.                                                                                                                              The winning design will be posted on our blog and used to advertise the Clean-Up Day.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Tuesday 28th January (Mrs Carder)

    On Tuesday 21st January, members of the Eco Explorers club interviewed Maxine our school chef. This is what they found out:
    Maxine has worked at Westfield for over 21 years. In any given week, Maxine and her staff cook over 1350 meals for the children and staff at Westfield. The most popular meal is spicy chicken and chips followed by fudge tart. 

    In an average week the kitchen throw away just one binful of unused or leftover food which is amazing.

    Maxine has worked hard to make the kitchen as environmentally friendly as possible. Over the last year Maxine has made huge changes to the foods and snacks that we eat; the food that the kitchen buy; how its prepared and how its presented. Following discussions with the school council, meal-in-a-bag stoppped as Maxine was worried about the amount of plastic cutlery and unrecylable plastic pots that were being thrown into the grey bins. Much of the food that Maxine now buys (pie filling,s for example) come in tins that can be recycled instead of plastic tubs that she used to buy.

    Maxine recyles up to 18 bins worth of material every other week! Much of this comes from the new paper bag packaging that is now used on the tuck trolley, also, Maxine no longer buys drinks in plastic cartons. All the snacks on the trolley are healthy. 

    Maxine would like the children of Westfield to consider building veggie patches and growing salads or vegtables that she would be able to use in the meals she cooks. She would also like everyone to remember to switch off the lights when a room is empty!

    Maxine and her team work tirelessly everyday to bring us good, tasty health food. She is an Eco Explorer Hero.

    Thank you Maxine.


  • Monday 20th January (Mrs Carder)

    A quick invitation to all parents and carers who have an interest in environmental issues. The Eco Explorers Committee meet every half term to discuss ways to make our school a greener and more environmentally friendly place to work and play. Our next meeting will be in 4MC at 12:45pm on Thursday 23rd January.  We are meeting to discuss our recent Environmental Review and to consider ideas for our Action Plan.Hope to see you there.

    Eco Explorers


  • Monday 13th January (Emillia)


    We at Eco club would like to whish everone a Happy New Year!

    Please,could everone keep up the amazing work!

    We are still collcting pens and crisp packets IF you would like to hand some in. 


    We are all exctied for the annual Great British Bird Watch. The event, for everone who would like to know, is on the 25 of January to the 27 of January! here is a link to their website. 

    FROM your loyal greeen people 

    Eco Explores