Caythorpe 2023 Blog
  • Photos Photos Photos! (Mr Wilkinson)

    We've had a weekend to recover but we won't forget all the amazing memories and new experiences at Caythorpe. To help remind us, all our lovely photos and video clips are now available to view. Please note that a Year 4 learning platform log in is required to see these photos.  

  • ETA (Mr Webb)

    The traffic has been really kind to us. 
    ETA currently around 3:50. 

  • On our way home! (Mr Webb)

    That seemed to go far too quickly! 
    (I'm sure you agree!)

    We're on our way back so if the homeward journey takes the same time as the outward one, we should be back around 4. 

  • Final activities (Mr Webb)

    We have had breakfast and are just taking part in our second activity of the day. 
    We can't believe how quickly it has gone!

  • Hopefully to sleep (Mr Webb)

    'Lights out' has been called but there is still a definite buzz. 
    I think, if anything, the PGL sports tournament was too good. Everyone is still pumped up!

  • Shop and PGL Sports Tournament (Mr Webb)

    The children had the opportunity to visit the PGL shop after dinner. I can only apologise for what they come home with! They then competed in a round robin of activities including throwing and tennis targets, football rounders and human bowling to score points. The winning team were the 'Spectacular Chicken Nuggets'. 
    They have now gone to their rooms to pack anything that they won't need in the morning in preparation for the penultimate room inspection. 

  • Afternoon activities (Mr Webb)

    Despite the rain through lunch and while we did room inspection (highest score: 11!), the sun is out again so while a little soggy underfoot, we are remaining dry!

  • Raining (Mr Webb)

    After some beautiful sunshine this morning, it is now raining quite impressively. 
    After another huge lunch, we've wrapped up warmly and are about to head out for another afternoon of activities. 

  • Morning activities (Mr Webb)

    We have had a great breakfast and have just finished our first activity. 
    Fortunately, the weather is beautiful (contrary to the forecast!), which is just as well as we have our water activities today!

  • Good morning! (Mr Webb)

    The children are up and about, getting ready for the day's activities. 
    We had a fairly early start but I had the best night's sleep I've had since my daughter was born so all credit to them!!

  • First room inspections (Mr Webb)

    First room inspections before bed. Some very impressive rooms, especially for the first day. 
    The scores ranged from -2 up to an amazing 7. Some bonus points awarded for enthusiastic welcome dances and some definite attempts at bribery. 
    Points docked for such serious mistakes as very slightly wonky curtains, wrinkly sleeping bags and wash bags not in size order. 
    The children are very motivated to better their scores tomorrow!

  • Cluedo (Mr Webb)

    We solved the crime and found the equipment thief so fortunately activities can still go ahead tomorrow. We were a bit worried there for a moment!

    The children are now sorting out their rooms and getting ready for bed. 
    I think they'll be ready for some sleep!

  • Dinner time! (Mr Webb)

    Second activity complete. Only a little rain but mostly glorious sunshine.
    A very quick turnaround and we're already heading for dinner. 
    I feel like we've just had lunch!

  • Activity 2 (Mr Webb)

    Activity 1 complete. Onto the second!

  • Lunch (Mr Webb)

    We have just finished an absolute beast of a lunch and I have been told I am so lucky because I get to come here every year, based solely on the food... which I won't disagree with. 

  • Wednesday 10th May (Mr Webb)

    We have arrived!

    A quick site tour then off to lunch!