Caythorpe 2022 Blog
  • Our memories of the trip - in 60 seconds! (westfield Admin)

    Here's an attempt to summarise three amazing days in 60 seconds!



    Staff made an amazing effort to do their best to make sure most children have been caught on camera doing most of the activities at some point, so we have several hundred photos and video clips! Year 4 parents can visit this page with your child's learning platform login (Year 4 pupils only) to access the photos and video clips. It may take some time to find your child!
    NEW! Use the above link to also access the video montage shared in the parent assembly


  • ETA update (Caythorpe Blog)

    We are just passing Sawtry and so may be back closer to 3:35.

  • Current ETA (Caythorpe Blog)

    Traffic-willing, the driver estimates we should be back around 3:45. 

  • Wednesday 27th April (Caythorpe Blog)

    ... and in the blink of an eye it was over. 
    We have just departed, taking with us lots of compliments for our lovely group. 
    The children have really done us proud!

  • Tuesday 26th April (Caythorpe Blog)

    The children are getting ready for bed after a packed day. 

  • Capture the Flag (Caythorpe Blog)

    The children are about embark on their first round of capture the flag. Hopefully they will burn off some of the sugar from their gift shop sweets!

  • Tuesday (Caythorpe Blog)

    Morning activities complete. Just time for some games in the activity garden (or showers for the raft builders!) before lunch. 

  • What a lovely morning for some raft building! (Caythorpe Blog)

  • Tuesday (Caythorpe Blog)

    We have had an an enormous breakfast and are now embarking on the first activity of the day!

  • What a great day! (Caythorpe Blog)

    After a packed afternoon, a filling dinner and a highly energetic sports night, the children are tucked up in bed and most of them are very nearly asleep!

  • Off to the first activity (Caythorpe Blog)

    We have had our lunch and are heading off on our site tour then we will make a start on our first activities!

  • WE HAVE ARRIVED! (Caythorpe Blog)

    After a very smooth (and vomit-free!) journey, we have arrived at Caythorpe!

    We are just grabbing our bags and then we will be shown to our accommodation. 

  • Monday 25th April (westfield Admin)

    Good morning! The day has finally arrived. Year 4 are setting off to Caythorpe this morning. This blog will be updated throughout the residential with updates of how we're getting on. We will also be taking plenty of photos, and these will be uploaded once we return.